Monday, June 18, 2018


Combing the fun of wood building blocks with toy cars is AUTOMOBLOX.  Play Monster sent us a few of these vehicle sets to check out and we had a great time playing with them. These toys made of European beech wood are like bringing high quality Cub Scout Pinewood Derby cars home that can be played with by kids all the time rather than just during a special race.

Each one has interchangeable components that can be swapped between vehicles allowing children to customize them with no tools required.  Plus free rolling wheels with tires and rims that can be mixed and matched make them thrilling to race.  No batteries needed … just push to get them rolling or shove down an incline to really get these toys going.  


This play set comes with three fully built Automobloxs -- a police car, fire fighter SUV and rescue truck.   The bodies of each of these toys can be split into three parts and each of the cab tops and tires can be removed as well as the truck bed cover.  Mix and match these components to create your own vehicle designs or trade them with parts from other Automblox sets for even more options to let kids build their own unique vehicles. This was my son's favorite set out of the ones Play Monster sent us to review.


My daughter loved this Automoblox set that comes with a classic hotrod and a futuristic looking street racer.   She was excited about the hot red and neon purple color schemes of the HR5 Scorch and SC1 Chaos that are included in this toy pack.  These are the colors she'd want her race car to be if she ever becomes a pro driver I was told while watching her tinker around with them.


A sturdy rugged off-road vehicle that comes with a trailer carrying a detachable motorcycle is my favorite Automoblox play set.  I monkeyed around with this while my son and daughter were playing with the other Automoblox cars, utility vehicles and trucks.  Like the other toys, this Automoblox SUV can split apart with its body separating into three pieces and the canopy being removable. Its four wheels also come off the car with their tires and hubs also able to be split apart too. Hitch up the included trailer to pull the motor bike around or spin the motorcycle around on its own.

Because of small parts Automoblox are not recommended for children under 4 years old but otherwise these are some wonderful toys for kids and kids at heart.  My kids were thrilled by these toys and I enjoyed jumping in the fun with them as we raced these cars against each other across the hardwood floor in our dining room.  Automoblox are so well constructed for many families they very well become keepsake toys passed down to future generations.  Based upon the quality of the toys and their fun factor, Automoblox absolutely earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

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  1. Wonderful review - got to love those Automoblox! WOOHOO!