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School just wrapped up for the girls soccer team that I coach and my friends at Goldfish Swim School kindly invited them out to kickoff their break with a summer water safety presentation and by having some fun playing in the pool.  It was a great team bonding experience plus a nice way to reinforce some important message with the girls about being safe in and around the water as they get ready for a few months of summer fun.  The staff at Goldfish Swim School, along with their mascot Bubbles, provided some important tips to the girls.

Did you know accidental drownings are the leading cause of death for children ages 1 - 4 and second next to automobile crashes for those aged 4 up to 14.  So this is an important topic for kids especially at a time when they are getting ready to spend time at beaches, on boats, and in pools during the summer. The presentation highlighted some simple things to do to stay safe that are often overlooked by kids causing injuries and death.

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The girls were reminded that even if they are strong swimmers when out on a boat they should still always wear a life vest.  Also if they are swimming with a friend who is in trouble get help instead of trying to provide aid themselves and potentially getting dragged under the water by the person they are trying to assist. Plus when at a pool or water park always know and follow the rules!  Life guards enforce rules not to hinder your good time but rather to make sure everyone is safe in the water.

Whether or not a child is taking swim lessons at one of their pools, Goldfish Swim School wants every kids to be safe in and around water.  So they provide free safety presentations like this one. Bubbles and his Goldfish Swim School friends will visit daycares, schools and recreation centers to help make sure children know basic water safety tips.

If you are with a community group, sports program or school involved with children between the ages of 4 and 9 years old contact a local Goldfish Swim School to inquire about their complimentary W.A.T.E.R. Safety Presentation. Bubbles loves to swim on over to libraries and schools to meet kids! Head over to goldfishswimschool.com for more information.

After the presentation, my team filled the pool with laughs and smiles as they enjoyed the day's open swim hours.  It is nice seeing the girls being friends on and off the soccer field!  Spending quality time together like this is a great way to build team symmetry. Thanks Goldfish Swim School for providing them with an educational and entertaining afternoon!

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