Monday, July 9, 2018


ant man and the wasp movie
Did you go see ANT MAN & THE WASP at the movie theater this weekend? Of course we did! While these may be the smallest sized characters in the Marvel cinematic universe they are two of the biggest when it comes to being my family's favorite comic book movie heroes.  If you know a child who appreciates Ant Man and the Wasp as much as my kids do and is an early reader, here are two super books from Disney Book Group to look for.  These books are sure to get children interested in doing some summer reading!

ant man early reader book

World of Reading: Marvel Super Hero Adventures -- Meet Ant Man & Wasp

This Level 1 book is meant for children in pre-school through first grade focuses on reading sentences and learning sight words.  This 32 page book is full of interesting illustrations to capture a kid's attention and help her or him understand the story. Most of the pages have one simple sentence to read.  With simple text and word repetition this is a great book to help beginner readers navigate through a story at just the right pace for their skill level.

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A great book for children that are just starting to read or that may be having some learning difficulties. Ant Man and the Wasp is an exciting adventure story that provides a reward for finishing it with a sticker sheet on the last page of the book.  My kids are Middle Grade readers now but they loved flipping through the pages of Meet Ant Man and the Wasp looking at the artwork and thought the stickers were great.


An Early Chapter Book: Marvel Super Hero Adventures -- Buggin' Out!

Children who have moved up to reading stories with a paragraph or two per page will enjoy this book meant for students from first through fourth grade.  This 11 chapter, 77 page book tells an amazing tale about how Spider Man teams up with Ant Man and the Wasp to save a school science fair from the evil Doctor Octopus.  The authors do a spectacular job of telling the story in a way that is relatable to young readers full of humorous scenarios and adventurous moments.  The book is also full of wonderful illustrations that compliment the story and encourage kids to keep reading through the text.


My son and daughter were drawn in by the cover art to read this book and it put a big smile on both of their faces.  I love it when they want to do summer reading rather than my having to pester them to do it during their break from school.  Buggin Out! absolutely gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval.  In fact, both of these books do! Available at major book retailers ranging from Barnes & Noble to Walmart.

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  1. These look so fun! Our boys loved reading Early Readers when they were younger. The fun artwork and familiar heros really held their interest!

  2. I bet these are popular books with the kids! I love when they take a something popular and make books from it. Way to spark reading curiosity!

  3. I can't think of a bigger parenting win than getting kids to love reading AND introducing them to Marvel. These are awesome.

  4. We have not seen it yet but we have plans to see it tomorrow. I am pretty excited, I love pretty much anything Marvel. This books are very cute. I love reading. It is always plus when you can find books that kids would really enjoy.

  5. Sounds like an awesome book especially for getting the kids interested in reading more! I really enjoyed the movie and I think it's nice to see a book like this for the kids!

  6. How fun! I always say I'm not watching any marvel movies until my boys get older,and then I'll probably have to watch them 100 times!

  7. This looks like a great reading opportunity for kids who love superheroes! We love Ant-Man, so this would be a great fit in our house!

  8. I bet my boys would love these. They have three older sisters and all my materials are girly. lol

  9. We haven't seen the movie yet but it's definitely on the to-do list this summer!

  10. Early readers are my favorite books for the kiddos. They are easy to choose the right fit! We have now added this movie to our family must sees!

  11. I can't wait to read this with my youngest. He is anti reading so I am always trying to find books that interest him. Marvel superheroes are a huge hit in our house.