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The last few summer's I've jetted off to New York City to participate in the Toy Insider's annual Sweet Suite preview of new toys for the upcoming fall / winter shopping season.  This is always a great event for seeing what the hot new toys for holiday gifts will be.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to participate this year, but the nice folks over at Moose Toys were kind enough to send me some complimentary samples of what they were highlighting there so my family could still have some Sweet Suite fun this summer.

Moose Toys is the company behind brands like Little Live Pets and Grossery Gang which are some of my son and daughter's favorite toys. Take a look at these hot new products from Moose Toys that are sure to delight a child in your life. My kids had a great time playing with these toys so I absolutely recommend you keep an eye out for them on store shelves.


Want the fun of a pet bird but not the responsibility? These toys covered in suede fabric instead of feathers have an appearance kids will find adorable.  Petting the bird's back will trigger it to start tweeting. Watch as the songbird's wings light up while it sings.  The longer its petted the happier the bird gets causing it to tweet longer and eventually whistle a tune to you.

Little Live Pets Light Up Songbirds don't just tweet and whistle though.  Talk to it and listen to the bird repeat what you said.  Once it gets talking sometimes the bird will even start a conversation and ask you questions. A nice touch is the bird's beak moves in rhythm when it tweets and speaks.

My daughter loves this songbird and has been spending a lot of  time playing with it. There are six different colored versions of these songbirds to choose from with two deluxe varieties that include a bird cage for storing your Little Live Pet. Note this toy requires two AAA batteries which aren't included with it so make sure to pick some up before giving one of these to someone.


Oh wow! My kids were so excited when I handed them each a dragon egg.  Will these actually hatch they asked? Set them down and we'll see I replied.

When placed down on a flat surface you begin to hear some growling and tapping from inside the egg. Then … BAM! a baby dragon pops out from the egg.  Watch as it begins to hop around and move its wing about before you while exploring the space around where it hatched.

Gently stroke the top of the baby dragon's head and it will begin to roar. The more it is petted the happier the dragon will get eventually resulting in a tune being sung to you. Once you are done playing with the dragon, place it back in the egg. It can be hatched over and over again!

They are called Surprise Dragons because you never know exactly which one is in an egg until the first time it hatches.  There are seven possibilities to discover with the special edition Ruby Dragon being extra rare to find. As much as they knew something was going to pop out of the eggs I handed them my son and daughter both jumped out of their seats every time they hatched a dragon and it popped out at them. They were all smiles playing with these toys!


Ok everyone in my family teases me because I had a unicorn collection as a little kid. Hey I thought they were cool!  My daughter shares that opinion as she loves them too. So she really enjoyed adding Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn to her own collection she has put together.

This toy unicorn has a horn that lights up and changes colors.  Hold up the included cupcake to her mouth and the unicorn will act as if she is eating it with sound effects.  Pet her neck and Sparkles will nuzzle your fingers while her horn begins to glow red.

My daughter likes to just sit back and relax while brushing the unicorn's hair with the included comb. Sparkles while make unicorn sounds while this is being done to show her appreciation.

Stroke the unicorn's back and her horn will turn blue while she slowly starts to trot around. Pet her some more and she'll pick up her pace. Continue petting and Sparkles will eventually start dancing. You can also get Sparkles to dance immediately by pressing a heart-shaped button on her side. This will trigger the unicorn to get her groove on while Sparkle's horn strobes multiple colors.

Grossery Gang DODGEY DONUT Action Figure

At my son's age I was playing with G.I. JOE and STAR WARS action figures. Some things change but yet also stay the same. The brands I played with our out but my son still plays with action figures called the Grossery Gang.  He was ecstatic that Moose Toys sent him a figure to add to his collection.

The theme for the newest wave of action figures is TIME WARS. After accidently opening up a time portal through a stinky toilet, the Grossery Gang are battling for their slimy survival. Gather an army of Grosseries and help them defeat The Rotbots from the future!  My son was very happy with Dodgey Donut which is one of twelve new TIME WARS themed Grossery Gang action figures.

Grossery Gang TOILET SURPRISE Mystery Pack

Based upon the TIME WARS theme are also mystery packs filled with collectible mini-figures hidden within toilets.  Pour some water into the toilet and watch the seat fizz up.  Out will emerge a few mini-figures that are a surprise until you see what you get. There are more than 100 mini-figures to find in all ranging from common to discover to ultra rare.


Embark on a hunt for gold with the Treasure X adventure kit. This unique take on popular mystery toy packs lets kids pretend they are going on a treasure hunt.  Each Treasure X box contains a chest hidden inside … some will be mere trinkets while others are dipped in REAL GOLD. Will you be the one to find the ultra rare gold brick?!

Start off by pulling out a treasure map and a block wrapped to look like a gold brick. Unwrap the block to find a coin laying on top of a rock and a few X-cavator tools.  Take the coin and move it along the map. Shapes on the coin will line up with images on the map to provide you a clue of what is buried inside the rock you received.

Now it is time to start digging. Note this turned out to be very messy with my kids so make sure to have some paper towels or a placemat under the rock to avoid getting plaster dust all over the place or maybe consider doing it outside. Don't let the messiness of this toy hamper your kids from bringing home a Treasure X mystery pack though because my son and daughter had a great time playing with this. Kids will get really excited to search for Pirate booty with a Treasure X mystery pack.

Once you start digging in to the rock, parts of a skeleton will appear...a head, body, arms, legs and a weapon. Excavate them all and put all the pieces together to build a pirate skeleton warrior toy.  This is one of 24 different pirates to discover randomly placed throughout all the Treasure X mystery packs. They range from Ultra Rare Glow-in-the-Dark figures to rare Crystal looking ones to more common Colonial America, Inca, Egyptian, Roman and Samurai era themed pirates.

You are not done yet though! There is still the treasure to find! Keep digging to find a treasure chest!

Open up the chest and pour some water inside. The interior will be begin to fizz and a treasure will arise from the bottom of the chest. The treasure, as well as the skeleton pirate, will match the theme you discovered by using the coin on your map. Inside may be a metal or plastic trinket like a war horn, mystical mummy hand, our haunted lantern. Like the variety of pirate skeletons there are 24 trinkets to find. But wait! Inside the treasure chest you could find an ultra-rare treasure dipped in real gold like a pyramid, goblet or idol. There are 8 ultra-rare gold treasures to possibly find in a Treasure X rock.

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