Saturday, September 1, 2018


It is back to school time! For many preschoolers and kindergarteners this may be their first exposure to really spending any significant time around children of other colors and cultures. As kids begin discovering the diversity of people in the world around them it can be awkward and intimidating. With this in mind, two moms from Atlanta, Georgia have created dolls made for children ages 2 and up that focus on introducing the beauty of differences through play and encourage kids to embrace inclusion with those of varying ethnicities and religions from themselves.

Called Selma's Dolls after the daughter of co-creator Valerie Alva-Ruiz, these ragdolls are 12.8 inches tall making them perfectly sized for little hands to hug yet sturdy enough to sit upright on their own. These dolls are lightweight and made with a variety of soft and snuggly materials like Jersey Knit fabric. Plus each doll can be spot cleaned.

The goal of Selma's Dolls creators is for these toys to mirror the beauty within every religion, culture and physical and mental disability.  The first three Selma Doll's are Annie, a friend with Down syndrome, a Mexican-American friend named Lola, and a Muslim friend named Ameena. In addition to the characteristic features of each doll, their clothing also has significance.

Annie who wears a blue and yellow butterfly dress pattern to represent awareness for people with Down syndrome. Lola wears a Mexican-inspired print that’s a nod to Alva-Ruiz’s heritage. And lovely Ameena wears a beautiful blue hijab, a head covering, worn in public by many Muslim women, and green clothing, as green has a number of traditional associations and meanings in Islam.

Accompanying every doll is an illustrated storybook titled First Day of School. The 18-page hardback book features a little girl named Selma who overcomes her first day of school jitters with the help of some new friends. Each friend is able to teach Selma something beautiful and help Selma see that we are all much more the same than we are different. The book includes conversation starters to help parents and caregivers talk with their child about people's differences.


As a special back-to-school giveaway, A Geek Daddy has a Selma Doll to giveaway.  Which one of these three ragdolls would you like? One lucky winner can choose which Selma Doll they would like to have sent to them along with her First Day of School storybook. That is a $40 value!

For a chance to be the lucky winner, simply complete the Rafflecopter entries below before September 16, 2018.  Must be over 18 years old and a United States resident to be eligible to receive the prize. Good luck!

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For more information about these toys that encourage kids to appreciate diversity and embrace inclusion, please visit or check out their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

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