Monday, December 17, 2018


Add some Kinder Joy to your Christmas festivities! Candy eggs don't have to be just for celebrating Easter. Kinder Joy are plastic egg-shaped packages from Italian confectionery company Ferrero that split into two halves. One side includes a candy treat and the other half has a toy surprise inside. These are great for Christmas stocking stuffers or holiday party favors.

The candy inside these eggs include two chocolate covered wafer balls filled with cocoa cream laid within a milk cream base. Inside the egg is a small plastic utensil to scoop up and eat this sweet treat with.  Currently, there are three themes of toys to select from that are available this holiday season. Each egg will contain a random toy with either a Disney Princess, Star Wars, or Classic Toy theme based upon what is identified on the outside of the packaging. The actual toy itself though is a surprise until you rip open the egg.

Disney Princess Kinder Joy Eggs

These Kinder Joy eggs will have miniature figurines based upon Disney Princesses.  The ones my kids opened that were provided to us by Ferrero for to check out included toys of Cinderella and some of her mouse friends from the Walt Disney Studios animated film. There is one toy per Kinder Joy egg.

Star Wars Kinder Joy Eggs

These have toys that feature different Star Wars characters and come along with a target and disc. Slide the disc underneath your Kinder Joy Star Wars figure and use your finger to flick it out at the target. Stay on target! This is an amusing finger flicker game with a Star Wars theme. We received  Stormtrooper and Rey Star Wars finger flicker toys in the Kinder Joy eggs we opened up for this post.

Classic Toys Kinder Joy Eggs

These Kinder Joy eggs contain fun things with a classic toy theme. For example, we receive a toy motorcycle that when you pull it back it speeds forward on its own. My son has been having a lot of fun playing with this motorcycle.

For more information about Kinder Joy, head over to You can find all three of these Kinder Joy eggs at Target.

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