Monday, December 17, 2018


Whether you are looking to keep your breath fresh to be prepared for hanging mistletoe or a tasty treat to add to a Christmas stocking, tic tac has you covered. They've released two Christmas themed flavors just for the holiday season → Candy Cane and Merry Elf Mix. Both flavors come in the classic 1 oz containers tic tacs are known for as well as larger packs that contain 200 of the mints.

Candy Cane Tic Tacs

Enjoy some peppermint with these mints that have a candy cane imprinted on each piece of candy. The 200 count package adds some extra Christmas charm with a Santa Claus inspired design to it. With zero sugar, sodium, carbs or fat and a lack of the 8 major food allergens in its ingredients tic tacs make for great stocking stuffers.

Merry Elf Mix Tic Tacs

This festive candy mix includes the flavors of cranberry, white lime, and green apple. The 200 count package promotes holiday cheer decorated to look like one of Santa's helpers. The Merry Elf Mix is a fun treat to help spread some holiday cheer.

You can find Candy Cane + Merry Elf Mix Tic Tacs at Target. The 1 oz pack retail for $1 and the 200 count packages are $3. For more information about tic tac candies, visit

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