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Looks like that dastardly bunny Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets has changed his evil ways and is a good guy in the upcoming sequel to the 2016 animated movie. Check out this super trailer for The Secret Life of Pets 2:

The Secret Life of Pets is a family favorite of ours. Whenever my mother-in-law came over to babysit the twins she would curl up on the couch with my daughter and throw that movie in the dvd player. They loved watching that movie together and were both excited about having an outing to the movie theater to go see the sequel next summer.

Unfortunately, grandma unexpectedly passed away in October.  My daughter teared up watching this trailer remembering her grandmother while giggling at Snowball's new found super hero identity.  She told me grandma would have really liked to have seen this movie and asked if we could still go see it at the movie theater. Of course we can! We'll probably all be tearing up a bit at the movie theater but that won't be because we aren't enjoying the show. From trailers that have been released it looks like this movie will be a lot of fun to see.

A synopsis for the movie's story hasn't been released yet, but from the trailers it looks as if the focus will be on the hijinks that take place in the "ordinary day" of being a pet. From being played with in a superhero costume to a walk turning into a visit to the vet that can be a lot of funny moments in the life of a pet, especially when you take a look at it from the animal's perspective! The Secret Life of Pets 2 arrives at theaters across the United States on June 7, 2019.

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