Wednesday, December 19, 2018


My twins' birthday is coming up between Christmas and New Years. This year we are letting them each do their own thing with a few of their friends. My daughter is going roller skating with some girls from school then going out to eat; while my son is bring a few buddies along to the movies to see the new Transformers' movie BUMBLEBEE followed by coming home where I'll grill up some burgers and serve them birthday cake.  Thanks to PARTY CITY sending a box of decorations and party favors our way, the house will be looking like Cybetron for the boys to enjoy on my son's birthday.

The dining room table will be transformed for the birthday party with a table cloth as well as cups, plates and napkins featuring Bumblebee and his Autobot allies. The room will also be filled with decorations on the walls and swirling down from the ceilings displaying the Autobots' logo as well as imagery of these robots.

Plus we have a giant scene setter that provides a photo op with Bumblebee and the Autobots' leader Optimus Prime for the kids to pose in front of in the Transfomers masks each of them will be getting at the party to wear.

When all the activities wrap up for the day, each of our guests will get some party favors to take home with them. This swag pack will include Party Cups filled with Transformers wristbands, paddleballs, game cubes, pencils and more. Plus they will all get a thank you note along with a picture I'll be printing out in our home office photos taken during the party of each kid with the birthday boy in front of the Transformers backdrop. It's a personalized way to show appreciation for them with the thank you notes, pics and fun swag.

For more information on ways you can transform a space into a cool place to party, swing by or one of their local retail shops.

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