Wednesday, March 20, 2019

AtmosFX Dinosaur Encounter

dinosaur encounter
You can have dinosaurs stomping around your house with the Dinosaur Encounter set of digital decorations from AtmosFX. Project life-like images of Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and Velociraptors onto television screens, walls and windows. You can also create holographic displays that make it appear as if one of these dinosaurs is roaming in a doorway or standing on a porch. Transform your home into a Jurassic Park with Dinosaur Encounter digital decorations from Atmos FX.


With an ATMOS FX projector to you can decorate the walls of a room. Show images of just the dinosaurs themselves or add some depth to your digital decorations with imagery that includes a Jurassic landscape around the creatures. Instead of posters or cardboard cutouts create an immersive experience with dinosaur digital decorations.

digital decorationsdinosaurs


How amazing would it be to look out a window and see a dinosaur looking back at you? Place an Atmos FX projecter outside your home, cover a window with hollusion screening and voila you will have a view of dinosaurs roaming outdoors from inside your house.

Place the projector inside with the image shining out to reverse the imagery. People passing by will think you have a dinosaur for a family pet as it moves about in a window. A great way to welcome guests to a party or decorate your home for Halloween.


Another great way to welcome guests inside or outside of your home is to create a hologram display. Tape up some hollusion screening in a doorway or built a wood framed display to place outdoors. You can make it look like a dinosaur is moving about inside your house or across your yard.


Instead of utilizing an ATMOS FX projector, show digital decorations on a television screen. Dinosaur Encounter images can be shown through a DVD player or by inserting a USB drive into the TV. These dinosaurs moved about within a landscape so it seems as if you are viewing them while taking a trek through a prehistoric wilderness. They also bark, chirp and roar adding sound to the visual imagery.

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