Wednesday, March 20, 2019


My kids went bananas for Fingerling Monkeys but they were even more excited to find out that there is now a dinosaur variety of these toys available from WowWee. Fingerlings Untamed are animatronic finger puppets in the image of Velociraptor dinosaurs. These Fingerlings interact with kids in a variety of ways that range from roaring to tooting in reaction to being touched.

Swiveling heads, chomping jaws, and eyes that move give Fingerlings Untamed the appearance that they are alive. Tapping your Velociraptor's nose or petting the back of its head will cause the dinosaur to give out a warning call, hiss or growl. Shaking your Raptor up and down may cause its head to swivel around allowing so the dinosaur's jaws can take a bite at you. Or lay your Raptor in the palm of your hands to get it to fall asleep. It may even start snoring.

Owning multiple Fingerling UNTAMED Raptors will let you play with them as a pack. Gather them together and clap your hands. They will squawk a tune out for you in unison.

There are seventeen UNTAMED Raptors to choose from. Take a trek over to to check out which ones you'd like to have for your very own dinosaur pet.

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