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Have you ever wanted to play the FIX IT FELIX JR. arcade game from the Wreck It Ralph movie? It is actually a fictional game that originated from the movie; but Disney did commission a Fix It Felix Jr. video game to be created to help promote the animated film during its 2012 release. These games were placed in arcades at Disney theme parks pus some other select locations.

Seven years later Fix It Felix Jr. games are rare to stumble upon at an arcade. For someone wanting to play the video game your best option is to play an online version of it that Disney has produced. That is unless you work for Walt Disney Studios who I hear have their own arcade cabinet versions of both Fix It Felix Jr. and Sugar Rush within their animation department.

For those who really want to play an arcade style version of Fix It Felix Jr. there is an option for you. Basic Fun Toys has released a Fix It Felix Jr. edition of its Arcade Classics collection. Basic Fun produces mini version of 1980s style arcade games that Fix It Felix Jr. was inspired by. So in addition to playing Basic Fun Arcade Classics style games of Centipede, Dig Dug, Galaga and Pac Man, you can also play Fix It Felix too.

I picked up a Fix It Felix Jr. miniature arcade game from Walmart. You can pick them up at a local store or order one online. My family has enjoyed the Wreck It Ralph movies so much I couldn't resist buying a Basic Fun Fix It Felix Jr. Mini Arcade Game when I saw it on a Walmart toy aisle shelf.

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The Basic Fun version of Fix It Felix Jr. is pretty accurate to how the game is portrayed in Wreck It Ralph. The game starts off with Ralph climbing up to the top of the Nicelanders' apartment building smashing windows along the way. To win a level, players must make their way to the top of the apartment fixing the windows broken by Ralph along the way.

Windows are repaired with Felix's magic hammer. Watch out though because you need to avoid bricks being tossed down by Ralph as players navigate Felix up to the top of the apartment. In addition to dodging bricks, you'll need to move around closed window shutters that block your path, avoid ducks that fly into your way and avoid other obstacles that present themselves as levels become more difficult to progress through.

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Keep an eye out for pies sitting in window sills. Sometimes a Nicelander will leave a pie in a window that Felix will want to gobble up.  Eating a pie will temporarily make Felix invincible and increase the magic hammer's power so that it can fix two broken window panels at a time.

Complete a level and you earn a medal. Then the Nicelanders toss Ralph off the apartment's roof. Just like they do in the Wreck It Ralph movie! Then you start all over again with each level being more difficult to get through.

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Our whole family has been having a lot of fun playing Fix It Felix Jr. from the Basic Fun Arcade Classics collection of video games. If you've watched Wreck It Ralph and wanted to play Fix It Felix Jr. this mini arcade game gives you the chance.  Head over to for more information about Fix It Felix Jr and the other Arcade Classics video games they sell.

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