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Game of Thrones Pop Up Guide to Westeros
Pop Up books aren't just for kids! Take for example the GAME OF THRONES: A POP UP GUIDE TO WESTEROS from Insight Editions which transports readers to the fantasy world of the hit HBO television series through incredible 3D representations of key locations in the show. Flip through the pages of the book one by one to view five stunning spreads or unlock its magnetic spine to unfold a giant 46" x 30" map.

Inspired by the clock-work style animated opening that starts each episode, the book provides pop up recreations the include the Red Keep within the Seven Kingdom's capital city,  the castle of Winterfell and the Wall. It is like having a pop up version of the Game of Thrones opening that you can hold in your hands and keep on your book shelf. It doesn't just have impressive imagery to enjoy though, GAME OF THRONES: A POP UP GUIDE TO WESTEROS also is an insightful reference guide to the world of Game of Thrones.

Matthew Reinhart

Designed by paper engineer Matthew Reinhart who has gained renown for crafting pop up books he has crafted, GAME OF THRONES: A POP UP GUIDE provides a wonderful glimpse into this fantasy world. In addition to the books central displays, it is also filled with numerous mini-pop ups highlighting various aspects of the show. From dragons to white walkers, fan favorite elements of the television series pop out at your from the pages of this book. Plus, accompanying the book's dynamic imagery is informative text that delves into the family histories of the royalty competing for control of the Iron Throne and provides a background into the history of these players and the lands which they desire to rule over.

Matthew Reinhart
Matthew Reinhart

A unique collectible, GAME OF THRONES: A POP UP GUIDE TO WESTEROS is sure to delight any fan of the show. This visual guide provides more than 30 amazing pop up effects as it highlights the family sigils of the show's characters, landscapes where scenes have occurred, and other aspects of the show such as dire wolves, giants and the unsullied army which have captivated audiences for eight seasons.

Game of Thrones Westeros

While Game of Thrones is a television show that is absolutely not meant to be viewed by children, reading through this pop up book brought out the kid in me as I was giddy flipping through the pages exploring all the details packed inside it. This is a must-have for any Game of Thrones fan so it definitely earns A Geek Daddy nod of approval. If this book caught your interest, you may also want to check out the The Walking Dead: The Pop Up Book from Insightful Editions as well.

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