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Detective Pikachu
My kids are really into Pokémon and are really excited about the new movie Detective Pikachu. So I know they'd adore this do it yourself idea that my friends at Wholesale Halloween Costumes shared with me which allows you to make shoes that look like the Pokémon character Pikachu. Any kids who is a fan of Pokémon will be sure to exclaim PIKA PIKA if they spot someone sporting these Pickachu inspired kicks.

Want to make your own Pokémon Shoes? Here are the diy directions that Wholesale Halloween Costumes shared with me:

  • White canvas shoes 
  • Acrylic paint – Yellow, black, white, red, pink 
  • Felt – yellow 
  • Paintbrushes – skinny and wide widths 
  • Yellow shoelaces 
  • Needle and thread 
  • Painter’s Tape 
  • Pencil 
  • Pikachu shoes template PDF
Step 1:

Remove the shoe laces from the shoes. Then cover the rubber soles of the canvas shoes with painters tape. It is recommended when you are all done to replace the white laces that came with the shoes with yellow ones.

Pikachu shoes

Step 2:

Cover the canvas parts of the shoe in yellow acrylic paint to mimic Pikachu’s yellow fur.

Step 3:

Once dried completely, it is time to draw on Pikachu’s facial features. Download this free Pikachu template to use as your guide. If you have artistic abilities it is a nice example to replicate.

diy pokemon shoes

If you are like me though and aren't artistically inclined here is a way to create the image without having to rely on freehand drawing. Flip over to the back of the paper the template has been printed out on. Outline with a pencil the template's shapes. Flip the paper over and place it on the top of the shoe. Outline the shapes on the template again with a pencil. This should transfer the graphite you added on the backside of the paper onto the shoe.

Voila! You know have Poakchu's face looking back at your from the shoes. Next use a fine tip paintbrush to provide some color to the facial features. Outline the graphite with black acrylic paint. Once that layer is dry, add a white dot in acrylic paint on each of the black eyes and a pink tongue on the mouth. Once all the paint is dry remove the painter’s tape.

make your own pokemon shoes

Step 4:

Cut (4) pieces of yellow felt in the shape shown. Paint the tips black with acrylic paint. Sew or glue these ears onto the canvas shoe as Pikachu’s ears.

Step 5:

Re-lace the shoes with the yellow laces to match the shoe's newly painted canvas.

There you have it! A pair of custom made shoes that will delight kids who love Pokémon and make them the envy of the playground. Thanks to Wholesale Halloween Costumes for sharing this fun idea with us!

pika shoes

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