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Imagine a world where dragons are real! William O'Connor's DRACOPEDIA FIELD GUIDE shows a reality where dragons are actual creatures living in urban and natural landscapes around the globe. The book is laid out like a bird watching guide but for dragons instead. Filled with information on the habitats, diets, sizes and visual descriptions for a variety of dragons, the wonderful layout of the DRACOPEDIA FIELD GUILD will have readers hoping they just might spot one of these mythical beasts some day.

O'Connor, who passed away as this book was being published, made a name for himself as an artist providing fantastic illustrations for Dungeon and Dragons role playing game adventures and Magic the Gathering card game decks. He also created the Dracopedia series of books that delve into the artist's passion for dragons.  During his twenty-five year careers, O'Connor worked with entertainment companies that included Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, IMPACT Books, LucasFilm and Wizards of the Coast while also being a regular contributor to the popular art blog Muddy Colors.

DRACOPEDIA FIELD GUIDE from IMPACT Books features more than 80 dragons. Sorted into thirteen categories of dragons from Amphipteres to Wyverns, there are a number of species highlighted within these groups. All of them are indexed with an image of each dragon along with a habitat map, species specifications, and a write up that includes their food sources, sizes, conservation status and other interesting information.

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The artwork within this book itself makes perusing the DRACOPEDIA FIELD GUIDE worthwhile but when you combine the depth of effort put into creating realistic identities for a world's worth of dragons it creates an exceptional reading experience. My son has been engrossed in flipping through this book since he got his hands on it. I haven't been able to read through it myself as much as I'd like from not being able to get it out of his grasp. If a book captivates one of my kid's attention it absolutely is going to get A Geek Daddy nod of approval.  This is a great pick up for anyone who is a fan of magical and mystical creatures.


DRACOPEDIA FIELD GUIDE is a 160 page hardcover book. It contains 400 color illustrations. In addition to full-sized images of dragons, there are also pictures of the different colored and textured variations of dragon eggs as well as close up looks of different body parts of these creatures including talons, tails and wings.

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