Monday, May 13, 2019


Play All May
Are your children getting enough time playing and having fun enjoying being kids? The American Academy of Pediatrics is concerned that kids aren't getting enough childhood playtime. So is recommending its member doctors begin writing prescriptions that remind parents to make sure children are spending time playing. Research is showing that time today's children spend playing has gone down 25% from the previous generation and there are concerns that this may have a negative impact on childhood development and learning. So don't be surprised if the next time your child is at the doctor's office for a routine physical you may be handed a prescription for play.

Have you heard of the Genius of Play? This campaign provides parents and caregivers with information and inspiration to make play an important part of a child day. While active throughout the year, Genius of Play is amping things up in May. It is promoting a month long celebration of playtime encouraging families to PLAY ALL MAY.

Genius of Play is sharing tips for encouraging play every day + hosting daily toy giveaways throughout the month of May. To learn about play ideas for everyday and enter to win daily toy prize pack giveaways each worth $50 or more, head over to

  • Getting kids to play is absolutely critical to their healthy development! See the facts
  • Overly-structured schedules, increased focus on academics, and the growing amount of screen time have led to the decline in play
  • Through play, kids acquire 6 critical skills they need for success in school and in life. 
  • Play brings families and generations together and reduces stress for everyone. 
  • Play is FUN! And where there is play, there is also LEARNING
Play All May

Tossing a baseball in the backyard in the evening, an afternoon of pretend dinosaur adventures, and role playing game nights are a few of the ways my family enjoys playing together. What will your family be doing to play in May? PLAY IN MAY is just the prescription for fun that doctor's are recommending. Join in and enjoy this month long celebration of play!

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