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Have you ever been nervous about international travel because of not knowing a foreign language? I'll admit it I have! So I was geeked about testing out a new portable translator device from Cheetah Mobile that opens up the world by allowing people who don't share a common language to easily communicate with the push of a button. This sleek looking device isn't something from science fiction; but rather a handy tool that is being launched through Indiegogo right now!

With one click of a button, CM Translator identified phrases and questions I spoke in English and translated them into other languages. A high-sensitivity microphone built into this convenient to carry around handheld device can identify and translate speech from up to 10 feet away. Utilizing a smart phone app connected via Bluetooth, CM Translator pronounces through your phone's speaker what you said translated from English into the language you selected from its menu as well as displays text of what is being communicated in both how it was originally spoken and translated.

I tested this feature out by asking out loud "how do I get to the bus stop?" then selecting it to be translated from English to the five other languages this device translates. Those are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Thai. Cheetah Mobile also plans on upgrading CM Translator in the near future to include a number of additional languages including Arabic, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, and Russian.

Wow! After asking my question to the translator, they were repeated to me in each of the foreign languages from my phone. Plus each time I selected a different language, the text showed up on my phone's display screen too. CM Translator worked just as promised!


But wait there is more! If the device just translated English into other languages that is a pretty one sided approach for trying to have a conversation. That isn't a problem with CM Translator though. If someone speaks towards the CM Translator's microphone in one of its programmed languages the app in your phone will process it and pronounce what is being said in English. It has two way language translation capabilities. Impressive!

So how exactly to you use it? First, sync a purchased device to a free to download app on your mobile phone. CM Translator is compatible with Android and Apple devices with the app available on the App Store or Google Play.

Next select the language being used from a menu on the app and press down on the button of the CM Translator while you or someone else is talking. Release the button when you want the translation to be broadcast via your phone. Voila! Enjoy a real-time translation.

The communicator will become confused if you try to translate more than a sentence at a time. So keep your statements short. Don't be going on and on and on expecting the device to keep up with you. Hey remember this is break through technology here!

I had a friend shout out some words, phrases and questions to me in Spanish. My phone repeated everything back to me accurately in English. CM Translator was right every time! It felt like the Universal Translator from Star Trek was being born right in front of me. Isn't it amazing to see ideas that were originally pie in the sky fantasies become reality?!

cheetah mobile

While CM Translator will be very useful while traveling for people like me who don't speak multiple languages, I also have a great use for it right here in the United States. Sometimes I need to meet with clients who don't speak English and there isn't a live person available to help us communicate or there is a mix up where the translator doesn't show up. This will be very useful to be able to pull out of my briefcase at the office, a courthouse or a jail in those awkward situations. Problem solved!

My kids also used it to practice some summer assignments they were given by their school's Spanish teacher. They practice saying phrases in Spanish and when the CM Translator repeats the phrase back to them correctly in English they know it was spoken right. This will be a nice tool to help with their homework for sure.

cheetah mobile

In addition to translating, the device can also record audio for up to 2 hours. Dictate notes, record a seminar presentation or speech, listen to yourself practicing speaking a foreign language to get better at it. Since CM Translator can collect audio recordings and saves them through its app on your phone the device is also a nice little personal recorder.

Not only is CM Translator compact by being able to fit in the palm of your hand, it is also ultra light weighing only 1.4 ounces. Yet despite its small size and light weight CM Translator is also very durable. It has a sturdy shell that is designed to be dust and water resistant.  The device's activation button is built to sustain 300,000 clicks during its lifetime. This wasn't a test, I just dropped it a couple of times being a klutz and it didn't break. CM Translator was built to be taken out and about so it can be practically used by people.

Being meant for use by people on the go, CM Translator is equipped with a battery that is great for carrying it around with you. Battery life is 180 hours of stand by time and 24 hours of active use on one charge. Power it up with the included USB cord and you will be all set.

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From my experience using the CM Translator, I was wowed. So CM Translator has earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval for being an easy to use, convenient, instant translator that can help people communicate with just the click of a button. Whether traveling abroad or staying at home, there are a variety of professional and personal uses that make CM Translator a worthwhile device to have. I'm going to be getting a lot of use out of mine!

Head over to Indiegogo to get one for yourself. If you use one of the links in this post when making a purchase, receives a small commission at no extra charge to you. I received a free CM Translator to review. Opinions expressed are honest and my own based upon utilizing the device for the purpose of a review.

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