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Can't beat having a fun water fight on a hot day! My kids have been spending hours outside this summer playing with  their X-SHOT FAST FILL WATER BLASTERS from Zuru Toys.  They may be getting drenched but my son and daughter both have huge smiles on their faces as they run around the yard squirting each other. This really is a great way to cool off in the summer heat!

These Zuru X-Shot Fast Fill Water Blasters are really nifty because they are easy to use, have great range and can be quickly reloaded.  No triggers on these X-Shot blasters just use the pump action feature to launch a stream of water that is sure to get your target wet. It launches water up to 30 feet!

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With a water capacity of 700 ml / 24 fl oz you can get plenty of playtime out of these X-shot blasters without having to constantly be refilling them up. When you do need to reload though its fast fill feature will have the blaster's water tank full in just 1 second. Just flip down a hatch on the back of the water blaster and flip it back up when you are done. The hatch is rapid sealing so water won't leak out as the blaster is being jostled about while being played with. Just fill up with a water faucet or dunk it underwater in a bucket, lake or pool.

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These are so much better than the squirt guns I played with as a kid. Those were hard to fill up, didn't hold much water, leaked and tended to break while playing with them. Who else remembers playing with these?

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With the X-Shot Fast Fill Water Blasters you can engage in some epic backyard water warfare! Zuru Toys has produced a water blaster that is really fun to play with! Adults will enjoy Zuru X-Shot Fast Fill Water Blasters just as much of their kids. So get outside and play with the kids in your life!

These water blasters provide an entertaining experience the whole family can enjoy doing together. Ok you may say you don't want to get squirted but who really doesn't enjoy getting drenched when it is hot outside?  Kids will love playing with these water blasters and adults most likely will too! For that reason Zuru Toys X-Shot Fast Fill Water Blasters get nod of approval from this dad blogger.

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