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Being a kid in the heyday of video game arcades, I have fond memories of spending a lot of time, and quarters, during my youth playing at these places before home gaming consoles became so common place. I've been nostalgic about wanting to create an arcade with old school full-sized retro style video game cabinets in my basement for awhile now. My wife keeps vetoing that idea though due to the space it would take up in our house and expense of buying these video games.

Now thanks to New Wave Toys I've found a way to have my arcade! They've created authentic sixth scale replicas of classic video games that look, and play, just like they did in arcades but are only 12 inches high. Now you can create your own miniature arcade that fits conveniently on a shelf or table top in a bedroom, home office, man cave or game room in your home. New Wave Toys limited edition RepliCade Amusements are sure to get video game enthusiasts geeked!

Officially licensed by the original manufacturers of the video games that are being duplicated, these collectibles share all the features of the vintage, full-sized arcade game cabinets but are recreated much smaller. New Wave Toys Replicade Amusements miniaturized sixth scale arcade machines are fully playable using games' original control schemes. Replicade painstakingly reproduces the details of the original look of arcade games, including the wooden cabinet in perfect profile, control panel with reproduced PlayScale controls, illuminated marquee and cabinet accents, diecast metal coin doors, and professionally reproduced cabinet art. They even toss in some miniature quarters / game tokens to go along with the Replicade arcade cabinets.

Replicade Amusements aren't just meant to be decorations though. They are fully playable games using the same ROM programs that were the basis for the original arcade video games that are being duplicated. Each Replicade Amusement version also has custom-made controllers have been designed to recreate arcade-accurate functionality and provide an enjoyable gameplay experience.


New Wave Toys started out their Replicade Amusements lineup with CENTIPEDE. One of the most successful games from video arcades Golden Age (1978 - 1985), CENTIPEDE was released by Atari in 1980. Players take on the role of a garden gnome armed with a magic wand that is defending a mushroom forest from the invasion of giant centipedes, spiders, fleas, and scorpions. Its trackball controller and iconic imagery have made this one of the Top 100 video games of all time.

new wave toys

Start off your miniature arcade with CENTIPEDE. Don't wait around to buy one though because they are almost sold out though you can still get one from Best Buy. Once they are gone it is game over in trying to get your hands on one.

This miniature replica of the arcade game shares all the features of the original CENTIPEDE cabinet including a miniaturized Trak-Ball, Fire and Player One and Two buttons. Officially licensed by Atari, REPLICADE CENTIPEDE runs the original arcade ROM and features custom-made, miniaturized controls with the goal of providing an authentic arcade gaming experience … just in a smaller twelve inch playscale package.


Another classic video game created in sixth scale form from New Wave Toys is TEMPEST. Released from Atari in 1981, players must eliminate enemies from a three dimensional playing field. This game was really popular when released because Atari's Color-QuadraScan vector display was considered high-tech for its time. Technology has really advanced since then but this is still a very fun game to play!

mini arcade games

REPLICADE TEMPEST plays just like the original arcade game with its Mini Rotary control with swappable spinner caps. This miniature arcade cabinet features a high-resolution screen optimized for the games unique vector graphics. Utilizing Atari's original arcade ROM provides an authentic arcade gaming experience.

Also officially licensed by Atari, REPLICADE TEMPEST is being released in a limited edition. Once they are sold out these will be hard to get. So if this game appeals to you grab one now! Available from Sideshow Collectibles.


Also available through Sideshow Collectibles is a RepliCade edition of STREET FIGHTER II. The Street Fighter series of games from Capcom were the first competitive fighting games that let players battle against one another in matches at video arcades. STREETFIGHTER II released in 1991 is one of the highest grossing arcade video games of all time. Based upon its popularity, it has been distributed on a number of home video game consoles over the years, but now you can also play STREET FIGHTER II as it was originally intended through this miniature arcade version.

REPLICADE STREET FIGHTER II plays both the original Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and Super Street Fighter II Turbo arcade games. It is equipped with a miniaturized Fight Stick control panel which includes bat style joystick and microswitch action buttons. Plus because Street Fighter games are all about competing head to head against a friend, this RepliCade edition also comes along with an additional USB Mini Fight Stick for two-player action that can be stored within a compartment at the back of the video game cabinet.

Officially licensed by Capcom, REPLICADE STREET FIGHTER II features amplified stereo sound effects and music, dip switch settings that let you set your skill level, and non-volatile memory saves high scores. Illuminated marquee & cabinet accents make this a sharp looking collectible for displaying. The cabinet also features high-resolution cabinet art on quality 3M vinyl overlays reproducing the original arcade look.

All RepliCade Amusements contain a rechargeable battery and USB charging cord. Battery life is approximately 2 hours of continuous play. All are produced in limited edition runs to provide collectible value.  Other upcoming editions include Asteroids, Dragons Lair, and 1942.

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