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book of gadgets and inventions
I love books that delve further into the places and things shown within sci-fi movies and television shows providing an expanded view of the settings depicted in these stories . Imagining how fantastic devices or vehicles might work in real life or what types of landscapes might exist on alien planets is fascinating to me. So I was geeked about flipping through the pages of RICK AND MORTY: BOOK OF GADGETS AND INVENTIONS.

In RICK AND MORTY: BOOK OF GADGETS AND INVENTIONS from Running Press, author Robb Pearlman relays to us humorous how-to instructions for the gadgets and gizmos that have been shown throughout the first three seasons of Cartoon Network's adult sci-fi themed animated sitcom RICK AND MORTY. The show revolves around Rick, a "mad scientist" who embarks on adventures with his 14-year old run of the mill grandson Morty. The two travel to far out places like alternate dimensions and planets light years away from Earth via Rick's madcap inventions as part of the Adult Swim lineup of late night mature audience programming on Cartoon Network.

Get an expanded look at Rick's Space Cruiser that whizzes the characters across outer space during their cartoon exploits. Built from items scavenged from Morty's parents garage don't take for granted that this spacecraft is a hunk of junk. Yes it has an interior paneled with old couch cushions but this flying saucer also is equipped with a microverse battery powered propulsion system and ray gun weapons array.

Book of Gadgets and Inventions
Rick and Morty Book of Gadgets
Rick and Morty

Learn about the ultimate man cave chair. It contains an Emotion Extraction Machine that allows users to witness sporting events without getting angry or upset by all the bad calls made by refs or horrible play by favorite teams. Detroit Lions fans would love this chair! Well that is until this machine extracted that emotion.

man cave
detroit lions

My daughter broke her leg awhile back during a soccer game. Wish we had some Broken Leg Serum. Just give someone a shot of this and damaged bones will heal right up.

science fiction
Rick and Morty

Find about these and other out of this world gadgets in this 144 page book that is full of colorful illustrations, tv show concept art, "Rick Facts" sidebars, cartoon episode references and hand-written notes from Rick and Morty describing their experiences using these inventions. RICK AND MORTY: BOOK OF GADGETS AND INVENTIONS will be available from retailers beginning October 1, 2019 providing plenty of time to read up on the workings of this sci-fi universe before Season 4 of RICK AND MORTY begins airing on Cartoon Network in November.

Flip the Pickle
collectible figure

You may need to be a fan of the show to appreciate this … Running Press is also making a Pickle Rick collectible figure available. A fan favorite character, bring home a talking toy version of Rick's pickle alter ego.

This 3-inch Pickle Rick says "I turned myself into a pickle Morty!" and "I'm a Pickle Riiick!" when you squeeze it. It comes with base to mount Pickle Rick up right on a desk or shelf making the figure easy to display and play around with. Pickle Rick also comes with a 48-page mini book featuring full-color illustrations from episodes of RICK AND MORTY.

Pickle Rick

Two fun items that any RICK AND MORTY fan are sure to appreciate. Sorry though, one thing RICK AND MORTY: BOOK OF GADGETS AND INVENTIONS doesn't include is the secret recipe for McDonald's Szechuan sauce. It is full of zany details of gadgets and gizmos constructed by a mad scientist who fuels his warped genius through unhealthy doses of alcohol. Looking at these technological marvels will have you wondering if they are pure brilliance or drunken accidents. Enjoy the science in science fiction with RICK AND MORTY: BOOK OF GADGETS AND INVENTIONS.

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