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It is that time of year again when the Michigan Renaissance Festival rides into town for its annual appearance. Adventure awaits during weekends filled with jousts, sword fights, and mythical creatures. On Saturdays and Sundays from August 17 through September 27, the festival grounds in Holly, Michigan are transformed into a realm filled with royal courts and knightly heroes, bandits and pirates, as well as bards, jesters and Shakespearean actors.  Join in the merriment and festivities of the 2019 Michigan Renaissance Festival.

Your adventure begins with a walk through a wooded path leading from the parking lot to the gates of the Renaissance era village of Hollygrove. As you begin your trek to the Renaissance Fest it starts off as a leisurely nature hike with no sign of modern life around you and the sound of birds and the wind whistling through tree leaves drifting in the air. Eventually the woods begins to fill with the sounds of festivities taking place as you emerge from the forest and come upon the gates to a realm of entertainment and excitement. Let your adventure begin!

Take in shows that include sword battles with comedic flair, dancing and musical performances and acrobatic feats. They even have a Birds of Prey presentation that provides audiences close up views of these raptors as trainers have them fly through the crowd. Stages with a variety of activities taking place throughout the day are spread out across the Renaissance village so there is always something going on as you wander around.

Michigan Ren Fest

Discover mythical creatures with Pegasus, Mermaids, and Unicorns calling the Renaissance Festival home. We even came across some trolls that seemed friendly despite the menacing spiked teeth in their grins as they sang  ballads along side a path. Transform into a magical being yourself by having some wax ears affixed to your head turning you into an elf or fairy. If feeling a bit naughty you can choose to have horns placed on your forehead to show others that you are a little devil.

Michigan Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Fest is a family-friendly experience with activities dedicated specifically to keeping young lords and ladies amused. There are pony rides and carnival games just for the kids. Plus medieval thrill rides like the Flying Dragon!

Kids Activities
pony rides
renaissance festival

My favorite part of the Michigan Renaissance Festival though are the live armored jousts. Knights in shiny suits of metal compete on horseback in games and jousting battles to be honored as the Queen's champion. The jousting tournaments are held three times per day at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. Get into the spirit of the day by shouting out Huzzah! to rally the knight representing your seating section to victory.

michigan renaissance festival 2019

They didn't have the sweets and treats of modern civilization during medieval times, so being that the Renaissance Fest is meant to transport you back in history this dad blogger snacked on some delicious pickles during the jousting tournament that vendors were selling. They were really good! I highly recommend you stop by one of the carts selling these on your way to the jousts.

renaissance fair snacks

Stick around after the jousting concludes because the knights will approach the crowd for pictures and to allow their horses to be petted. The cast of knights is great at staying in character and their boisterous attitudes are invigorating at getting people into a festive attitude. Interacting with the festival's cast of characters allows visitors whether or not they dress in cos-play to really immerse themselves within the Renaissance Festival experience.


Get into the action yourself trying out the weapons of the time. Give archery a shot! Show off your inner Robin Hood with a bow and arrow on the Michigan Renaissance Festival archery range.

ren fair

Other options include throwing axes and spears at targets. While they weren't used in Europe during Renaissance times, you can also toss Ninja throwing stars there too. Be a weekend warrior shooting bows and arrows and throwing weapons at the Renaissance Festival.

Michigan Renaissance Faire

Or you can Pester a Jester! Throw tomatoes at some obnoxious jesters while they hurl insults back at you. If you are easily offended you either need to walk away or have great aim because they jesters are really mean though their intent is to provide fun and amusement through rude repertoire.


Please note that there is limited use of credit cards at the festival, primarily accessible for select food vendors. Cash is king at the Renaissance Festival! So come prepared to have some spending money for activities and vendors as well as to provide tips to performers.

Iron Throne

Oh yes! An adventure does await you at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Huzzah! For more information, go to

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