Thursday, October 31, 2019


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This year was our first Halloween in a new house. A few of our neighbors were going all out decorating their yards with some elaborate props so I wanted to join in the fun with some techy flair. Impressed by the digital decorations from AtmosFX seen in YouTube videos, I decided to let my geek side show by creating my own special effects show for trick or treaters.

First, I created a space to stage my AtmosFX digital decorations in the front yard. Some old fencing and Styrofoam tombstone transformed the spot into a cemetery. The tombstones and fencing were also nice for camouflaging the extension cords and AtmosFX projector that were needed to power up the digital decorations which I downloaded from These images stored on a USB thumb drive that plugged into my projector.


Of course, you need something to project your special effects on. So I staked in two seven foot high garden fence posts from Lowes and covered them with corn stalks to make them less obvious. Then I stretched AtmosFX Hollusion Material between the two posts. This created a 6' x 9' screen for projecting my digital decorations.

special effects

AtmosFX has a variety of digital decorations you can purchase to make decorating your home for Halloween spooky fun. Instead of going scary, I decided to have goofy monsters dance around in the cemetery. So we had a Halloween Monster Bash in our front yard!

digital decorations

I set the projector so that it was rotating among a number of images that included movie shorts and holographic images. In the movies the characters looked cartoonish and had a grave yard looking background to their scenes. While the holographic images were a bit more realistic and made it look as if monsters were walking across my backyard with the screen they were being projected on seemed almost invisible.

Trick or treaters were serenaded by these goofy hologram monsters playing instruments on our front yard. You could see the trees and night sky in the background behind them as they walked back and forth between the corn stalks. It was a spook-tacular performance!

Unfortunately, the week leading up to the big night as well as Halloween itself was filled with dreary weather. temperatures were frigid, it was raining and sleeting, and the wind was gusting.  So I didn't have much of an opportunity for my first time using an AtmosFX projector to play around with its setting and perfect my setup because it was miserable to be outside.  Sorry too that my camera doesn't take the best pictures in the dark. So there are a few things I need to work on for next year mostly to do with lighting. That being said this digital decoration display looked great to anyone who was able to get a firsthand look.

I was really geeked about my Atmos Fx Halloween display and am excited about different things to do next year to improve upon it. Not only did it look great but there weren't a whole lot of things I had to physically take down and store someplace until next Halloween. Plus because AtmosFX has digital decorations with a variety of holiday themes, I'm beginning to brainstorm some ways to also geek out by incorporating special effects into my Christmas decorations.

Find out how you can make your own home stand out for the holidays by using digital decorations by going to I think AtmosFX special effects are AWESOME and am looking forward to creating even better holiday displays as I get some more experience using these products and ideas from other AtmosFX product users. So I am absolutely giving AtmosFX a geek daddy nod of approval. You are sure to have yourself some spooky Halloween fun with AtmosFX digital decorations!

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