Saturday, November 30, 2019


selfie ring light
A Geek Daddy received the featured product for promotional consideration
Hey bloggers! Looking for some affordable tools to help you take some awesome photographs and videos around your house? I know this dad blogger often struggles to get the right type of lighting for photographs of items being reviewed or good sound on unboxing videos.

Here is a blogger tip. Problem solved with the MOVO VGC-3 selfie ring light kit. Clip this on to a counter or table top to transform your smart phone into a mini-production studio that will let you create professional style imagery. If you are like me and don't have anyone else regularly helping you out this affordable gear is like giving yourself a few more hands to work with. My blog also relies on my smart phone for providing its content which especially makes this equipment great. It is designed to enhance your smart phone helping make your content have a more polished look.

Here are the features of the MOVO selfie ring light kit:

Adjustable Light Settings: Eliminate harsh shadows and get evenly distributed lighting for your close-up shots with the 3 color, 10 level adjustable selfie LED ring light. Originally designed for makeup bloggers this lighting setup also works really well for providing unboxing videos, board game reviews, and toy photography. I'm sure whatever your niche is there are close-up shots that this ring light can brighten up for you.

Flexible Arms: Bend and twist the arms to get the best angles for your video, light, and audio for any project - great fort vlogs,  review videos and more

Universal Phone Clip: Compatible with all iPhone and Android phones from 2.2 to 3.2 inches. Influencers who rely on their smart phones will love this this aspect of the selfie ring light kit.

Mic Mount: Capture awesome audio for your videos using your favorite microphone with its 1/4" microphone mount. I used the VXR10 universal cardioid microphone from Movo with this setup. It worked great and can be used indoors and outdoors by just plugging it into your smart phone.

I appreciated the VXR10 comes with a professional style furry windshield that is also nice for cutting down ambient background noise inside as well. Like that humming from the refrigerator in the background as you are trying to do a video review at the kitchen table. This compact microphone is durably built and no battery is required. This microphone has done a nice job of enhancing the audio on some of the recent videos I've been working on.

This whole setup worked really well for me. The devices flexible arms of the selfie ring light kit let my adjust the lighting and my phone's camera to get just the right angles in great lighting. It also lets you move the microphone around to keep it out of your line of sight while still in position to collect audio.

Easy to use by just snapping your phone into a holder, attaching the microphone and plugging it into your phone and positioning the flexible arms to move the lighting, camera, and microphone around. The different colors and levels of brightness on the LEG lights also will do wonders for your photographs. The results of using the MOVO VGC-3 selfie ring with a VCR10 microphone are sure to impress!

These products have really come in handy since I've had a chance to start using them. So I'm giving both a geek daddy nod of approval. For more info go to

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