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Seventeen years ago the six episode Japanese anime series FLCL debuted in the United States being broadcast during the Adult Swim late night mature audience programming block of the Cartoon Network cable channel. FLCL is a story that revolves around a twelve-year-old boy named Naota Nandaba who finds his normal routine life upended by a pink haired maniac named Haruko Haruhara that loves to get wild playing her vintage Rickenbacker 4001 bass guitar and riding a Vespa scooter while she stalks the kid. It turns out though that Haruko isn't just odd but actually an alien from another planet who wants to use Naota as a portal to transport an interdimensional monster called Atomsk to Earth. 

FLCL became an immediate hit with the Adult Swim audience and developed a cult following of fans. This popularity led to two additional six episode sequel series being broadcast on Adult Swim in 2018 →  FLCL: PROGRESSIVE & FLCL: ALTERNATIVE. During the twelve weeks that new episodes in the FLCL saga debuted, the show was #1 in its timeslot supported by the series' huge fanbase.

Now for the first time, FLCL: PROGRESSIVE and FLCL: ALTERNATIVE will be available to view on Blu-ray. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is releasing these two popular anime series as a Blu-ray + Digital Combo Pack on February 4, 2020. This combo pack is a great way for newcomers to see what all the buzz is about regarding FLCL and for the show's fans to watch its episodes whenever they want.

In the much demanded sequel to the 2001 original FLCL, FLCL: PROGRESSIVE tells the story of 14-year-old Hidomi and her classmate, Ide as they get ensnared into an intergalactic conflict. How do two kids get into so much trouble? Well those things tend to happen when Haruko Haruhara gets involved in your life. Guess who the girls new mysterious teacher is?! This time along for the ride is also another otherworldly being named Jinyu who hoped to unleash Hidomi and Ide's hidden potential.

FLCL:ALTERNATIVE, the third and final season centers on the misadventures of 17-year-old Kana and her friends, Mossan, Hijiri and Pets. Living a seemingly normal life, the group’s lives are flipped upside down when Mecha falls from the sky and arrives with the guitar-wielding Haruko Haruhara. Haruko works to awaken Kana's special powers in order to defeat the Mecha saving the planet from invasion.

The FLCL: PROGRESSIVE & ALTERNATIVE COMBO PACK includes a 15-minute never-before-seen documentary that dives into the making of both seasons featuring interviews with voice talent and crew. Additional special features include a “Meet the Creators” piece focused on the new era of show creators, a segment about “The Pillows” relationship with the series, a glimpse at the English voice actors behind FLCL together, and a look into the production of FLCL: ALTERNATIVE. The combo pack includes the complete twelve 1/2 hour episodes that make up the combined two sequel series.

I haven't seen either of the sequel series yet so appreciate Warner Bros. Home Entertainment sending me a combo pack along with a Funko POP! vinyl figure of Haruko. Funko has produced several figures based upon the original FLCL anime series as part of their POP! Animation Collection. These characters include the boy Naota, a robot called Canti and Haruko carrying her guitar and sporting some Vespa riding googles. Funko POP! dolls are sold separately from the FLCL Blu-ray + Digital combo pack.

You can pick up the FLCL: PROGRESSIVE & ALTERNATIVE COMBO PACK from Best Buy.  They also have the original FLCL series that started it all available on Blu-ray too. If you make a purchase utilizing the links above, this dad blogger receives a small commission from Best Buy at no additional expense to you. Thanks for your support of ageekdaddy.com!

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