Thursday, February 27, 2020


There is a new tabletop game coming to stores within the next year from Spin Master Games in partnership with CMON that fans of Marvel comic books and movies are sure to think is super. MARVEL UNITED is a cooperative game that lets players join together as their favorite superheroes to thwart the evil plans of villainous masterminds. The core box set of MARVEL UNITED includes Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Captain Marvel as the good guys who can face off against either Ultron, Red Skull or Taskmaster for a game scenario. Each hero has special attributes and powers embodied in a deck of cards that must be strategically used in turns to overcome a villain's masterplan.

In addition to the Marvel aspect of the game which meshes together elements of the brand's comic book, television and movie properties, I like that instead of competing against one another players instead work together to win a game. The cooperative aspect of MARVEL UNITED makes it a compelling choice for a family game night. Combined with playing cards featuring impressive artwork and detailed miniature figures of the heroes and villains that serve as game pieces MARVEL UNITED is a tabletop game to geek out over.

Before MARVEL UNITED hits store shelves though, Spin Master Games and CMON are launching it through Kickstarter. If you participate in the MARVEL UNITED Kickstarter campaign that concludes on March 4, 2020 there are exclusives you can purchase and free bonus items that can be earned. After finding out some details about this game, I knew it was something I'd absolutely buy at retail. So this dad blogger jumped onboard the Kickstarter campaign to get access to the perks of this campaign. I'm invested for $90 of my own money which includes an Infinity War add on expansion to the core box set featuring Thanos and his evil minions the Black Order that is only available via Kickstarter.

Another perk of the MARVEL UNITED Kickstarter campaign is that as fundraising goals are met new characters are unlocked for the core box set (many of whom will be Kickstarter exclusives) including Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Carnage, King Pin, She-Hulk and War Machine among others! If you don't participate in the Kickstarter campaign there are a number of heroes and villains you won't be able to incorporate into the game because they won't be available in the MARVEL UNITED retail editions. So now is a nice time to purchase the game before it hits stores so you can get some extra Kickstarter perks!

In addition to the core box set, MARVEL UNITED will also have a number of expansion boxes available at stores to further enhance game play. If you purchase these now through Kickstarter though each of the expansions includes a bonus figure that won't be available at retail. The expansion boxes bring Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Spider-Man into the gameplay of MARVEL UNITED.





For more information about MARVEL UNITED and this Kickstarter campaign head over to Don't wait to long to check out this Kickstarter campaign because once it closes out your chance to get the exclusive content and bonus items from purchasing MARVEL UNITED through this campaign is gone. If you are thinking of buying this game do it now to take advantage of the perks. I've bought in and if you join in too we all are rewarded with new rewards being unlocked in the Kickstarter campaign.

Remember the clock is ticking! The MARVEL UNITED Kickstarter campaign concludes on March 4! I am so looking forward to some family game nights playing MARVEL UNITED. Check it out for yourself!

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