Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Thank you to Paramount Home Entertainment for providing with a digital edition of TERMINATOR: DARK FATE

Work has just been hectic lately and had a lot of stuff spinning around in my head preventing me from falling asleep. So while the wife and kids had gone to bed, I stayed up and decided to watch a movie. I've been watching Terminator movies since I was eleven so decided to catch up on the latest chapter in the saga and watch DARK FATE on Vudu.

This movie serves as both a swan song for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton while also rebooting the Terminator franchise. It focuses on a theme that while situations may change or be altered via time travel the future is destine to happen in a certain way.  While watching TERMINATOR: DARK FATE the most recent adaption of Battlestar Galactica came to mind and how it had the theme of events continuing to repeat themselves throughout history no matter what people at any given time do.

TERMINATOR: DARK FATE plays off the premise that no matter what mankind does they are destine to a fate of a future battling self-conscious machines. The film ignores the last three Terminator sequels and is meant to jump off where TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY ended. Sarah and John Conner have prevented Skynet from being created and changed the future. There is no war against machines led by John Conner in the future of the timelines related to the first two Terminator movies. It seems as if the crisis has been adverted. Note some minor spoilers ahead!

TERMINATOR: DARK FATE starts off with a scene taking place a few years after the incidents in JUDGMENT DAY. Sarah and John are enjoying themselves at a beach when suddenly a 1980s/90s era looking Arnold Schwarzenegger shows up. BANG! John Conner is shot dead!

Turns out a Terminator had been sent back in time before the future was altered and had been hunting the Conners for years. He finally caught up with them although the future had been changed to prevent Skynet from creating Terminators in the first place. That shows the trickiness of time travel!

The movie then jumps ahead to present day. A new type of advanced liquid metal based Terminator known as the REV-9 appears in modern day Mexico City with a mission to assassinate a young women leading a seemingly unimportant commonplace life. Wait … I thought the Terminators never came to be when Skynet was destroyed?

Turns out that different human actions that took place after the Skynet threat was stopped created an all new man versus machine war in the future.  This time an artificial intelligence called Legion goes rogue and starts a different futuristic world war. There is no John Conner or Arnold style Terminators in this future but rather killing machines like the REV-9 battle humanity. And the woman they are out to kill is the John Conner of this new future timeline.

As of now she has no fighting skills and looks to be a cooked goose at the hands of the REV-9. But then Sarah Conners jumps in to save the young woman. It turns out that once the Arnold style Terminator killed John Conner without a future Skynet to direct the machine it developed free will and a conscious. It informs Conners of the time travel energies taking place in Mexico City and the two join in to save the woman known as Dani Ramos from the REV-9. They also find some help from a cybernetic-enhance human soldier from the future who is sent back in time to save Dani.

In the end they defeat the REV-9 and save Dani! But they don't stop the creation of Legion. So as of now it is certain that a new war is coming! It appears future movies will now focus on this new Terminator future with Dani Remos as the hero tackling the cybernetic forces of Legion. So the future is the same yet different!

TERMINATOR: DARK FORCE is filled with all the action scenes and special effects Terminator movies are known for. So if you are a fan of these sci-fi movies it is worth a watch. It provides goodbye moments for Schwarzenegger and Hamilton while setting the franchise on a fresh new path with a younger generation of actors to continue the story.

You can watch TERMINATOR: DARK FORCE online via digital services like Vudu or purchase it on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray or DVD from retailers like Best Buy. If you buy the movie from an affiliate link above this dad blogger will receive a small commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for your support of a Geek Daddy!

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