Saturday, March 7, 2020


Filed my federal and state tax return today! No waiting until the last minute to meet the deadline this year. Since I've wrapped that up almost six weeks ahead of schedule, going to spend some of that free time now reading up on how to be smarter with my finances in 2020 with NAPKIN FINANCE: BUILD YOUR WEALTH IN 30 SECONDS OR LESS. Thanks to its author for sending this dad blogger a copy of the book to flip through.

Whether you are befuddled by economics or just looking for some refreshed insight into money management, NAPKIN FINANCE by Tina Hay provides a handy crash course into being successful with your personal finances. What makes this book stand out is that it is an illustrated guide meant to make the topic of finance an interesting read through the use of napkin-sized infographics. The book contains more than 65 napkin illustrations on topics including building credit, blockchain and bitcoin, investing in the stock market, planning for retirement, and taxes. NAPKIN FINANCE utilizes a visual learning strategy using sketches that the author developed while attending Harvard Business School which helped her succeed in her studies and master complex financial topics in the professional world.

Now Hay is sharing her NAPKIN FINANCE strategies in this book. The book though isn't just a serious of infographics though. It is 300 pages full of insights and guidance that is meant to be useful to any adult whether they are a college dropout or hold a doctorate degree. I'm looking forward to getting some key takeaways from reading NAPKIN FINANCE that may be important reminders of things I should be doing or open up new ideas for handling my finances. From the pages I've read so far, the book appears to have a very easy reading flow to it enhance by the visual graphic aids within it so you don't get bogged down in too weighty of content. I'm particularly looking forward to the chapter on cryptocurrency which is a topic that I'm not very up to speed on.

This book has earned the praise of America's favorite actor/economist Ben Stein. Of course, most people know him from his teacher role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, though I remember him more from regularly watching his gameshow Win Ben Stein's Money during its run on Comedy Central. Stein described NAPKIN FINANCE as:

 "an incredible, compelling read. It covers an astonishing amount of ground with basic simplicity and good humor. A masterful starting point for any investor. Tina Hay is a wizard."

NAPKIN FINANCE is providing me with a refresher course in personal finance. Because it seems like a great handbook for making economics and money management easy to understand, I'm also putting this book aside for my kids to read when they get to be older. Because it is a book that I'm not only reading for myself but also planning on keeping as a reference for my family, NAPKIN FINANCE earns A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

For more information about this book and to get some personal finance tips from its author through some videos she has recorded head over to

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