Thursday, April 23, 2020


St Jude tips
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, one of the United States' most respected treatment centers for juvenile illness, understands that kids may have a hard time understanding and grasping what is going on when it comes to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. So St. Jude has created a coloring book for children and an activity book for tweens and teens that explains the virus in a way that is relatable to them. Additionally, the hospital has published a St. Jude Together online resource website for parents to help them talk with children about this public health emergency.

Learn About the Coronavirus Coloring Book developed for children ages 5-9:

Learn About the Coronavirus Activity Book is geared more toward “tweens” ages 10-13:

Also here are a few FAQ that St, Jude has complied answers for  providing kids regarding the pandemic:

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 stands for coronavirus disease 2019. It is the illness that you get from the virus. 

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a virus that can make you feel sick. It’s kind of like getting a bad cold or the flu. If you catch it, you may feel sick. You may get a fever, cough, or feel tired.

How do you know if you are sick?

Most people feel like they have a cold or the flu. You may have a fever, cough, or feel tired. Some people get a sore throat or have a runny nose or feel achy. It can be hard to notice if you are sick. That’s why it’s really important to tell someone if you start feeling bad at all.

Why do you have to wear a mask if you are sick?

Just like any sickness, you can spread germs to other people if you cough or sneeze. The germs stay inside the mask and don’t spread to others.

I am not sick. Why do I have to wear a mask?

Some people can get very sick because their body can’t fight the virus as well. Wearing a mask can help protect you from the germs that make you sick.

Can you die from coronavirus?

It is true the virus can make you very sick, but that doesn’t happen very often. Most children who get sick just have a few symptoms, like a cold or the flu. People who are very sick go to the hospital so they can have extra care. We don’t want you to be afraid, and there are lots of things that can keep us from getting sick, like handwashing and staying away from big crowds.

Can I catch coronavirus?

The virus spreads like a cold or the flu through germs. There are things we can do to keep you from catching it and spreading it to others. We are being extra good about washing our hands really well and even more than usual. Try to keep your hands away from your face, eyes, mouth, and nose. If you feel like you are going to sneeze or cough, do so into tissues or your elbow.

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