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Netflix gave me an advance chance to check out one its newest original shows CURSED this week before it debuted today on the streaming service. Based upon the book of the same name written by Academy Award-nominated script writer / novelist Thomas Wheeler and illustrated by famed comic book artist Frank Miller, CURSED takes the mythology of King Arthur and blends it up into its own unique medieval tale. Everyone knows the story of how pulling a Sword from the Stone made Arthur a King, but what if instead Excalibur chose a Queen?

CURSED has many familiar names Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere and Lancelot but the characters are portrayed differently than people have previously come to know them. This story focusses on a lesser known character and delves into how she transforms into the mystical enchantress known as Lady of the Lake. The primary hero of CURSED is a young lass named Nimue who can't run away from her destiny to be a leader and warrior.

Nimue is part of a druid-like clan called the Fey who some of its population are gifted with the ability to converse and control nature. The Christian church believes the Fey are an affront to God and evil demons. Father Carden, a religious zealot, has created an army of Red Paladins who are massacring the Fey and destroying their settlements throughout Britain as King Pendragon turns a blind eye to the atrocities. When a Red Paladin army led by an intimidating fighter known as the Weeping Monk arrives at Numue's village she is forced to accept her fate to become Queen of the Fey.

Nimue is provided with a powerful sword with magical properties and instructed to seek out aid from King Pendragon's counselor the wizard Merlin. A chance encounter gets her the aid of a mercenary sword-for-hire known as Arthur who assists the heroine on her quest. Yet while Arthur and Merlin are in CURSED it is Nimue who is the star of the show with the other two normally leading characters taking second billing.

female King Arthur

The traditional King Arthur characters take on new roles while this adventure revolves around Nimue and her taking possession of Excalibur in an effort to save her people the Fey from Father Carden and his Red Paladin army.  Merlin is an amoral drunk who has lost his magical powers yet pretends he still has them. Arthur dreams of being a knight but instead has found himself a soldier serving anyone who can pay him in gold coin. That is until he decides to help a damsel in distress. Gawain is a Fey who supports Nimue as his new queen. Plus another famous knight from Arthur's round table turns out to be the Weeping Monk. Who could that be?

Rated TV-MA this show is more for adults and older teens than for young kids.  Violence, scary characters and a scene that shows more of Merlin's ass than we really needed to see makes CURSED a show for mature audiences. While the show takes literary license from the book, there are still plenty of scenes that come right from the novel that bring some of Frank Miller's impressive illustrations to life. I've really enjoyed watching CURSED and am looking forward to hopefully there being a second season of episodes.

Frank Miller

To learn more about this new Netflix series, visit which is full of information about the show's characters and cast. If you access the website from a mobile device there are also a number of augmented reality features that will immerse users within the world of CURSED. Watch your face become transformed into the Weeping Monk or a magical power wielding Fey. See the destructive nature of lighting released in front of you or watch nature tear up the ground right in front of you. Plus you can try to wield the sword of Excalibur! Do you have what it takes to pull the sword from the stone?!

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