Monday, August 3, 2020


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The other day we participated in a virtual toy expo hosted by The Toy Insider. I met with industry reps through online chats learning about what hot new products brands will be having hit store shelves soon while my kids provided some live video demonstrations of some fun new games and toys from our friends at Play Monster. Sweet Suite @ Home was a fun evening for the whole family and we learned about a lot of interesting stuff that we will be sharing with you on over the next few months.

Plus we were sent a big box of swag full of toy samples that just arrived! Time for an unboxing! Let's see what is inside:

So what were some of the favorite things my daughter found inside our Sweet Suite @ Home swag box?


My daughter LOVES Calico Critters and was excited that one of these figures was included in our toy samples. The brand will be releasing blind bags that each contain a cute animal figurine with a camping motif this Fall. Playmobile will also be releasing a blind bag assortment of characters from Scooby Doo cartoons that are a hit with my kids! Blind bags show you the characters that could be inside on the outside of the packaging but you don't know exactly what toy is inside until it is opened up. These mystery packs have been a popular trend with the toy industry in recent years and the sense of mystery and excitement in opening up bling bags provides some extra fun in these toys for kids.


My daughter has been walking around the house with a sea lion on her shoulder. She thinks Shoulderkins from Aurora are adorable! These cute plush sit on kids shoulders and stay on thanks to a magnet that slips under a shirt to keep the toy attached to your body. In addition to Sammy the Sea Lion there are also a bunny, octopus, unicorn, giraffe, tiger, turtle, and flamingo to choose from in this stuffed animal collection.


My kids were most excited about this coming in the Sweet Suite @ Home swag box. They collect Pokemon trading cards but really don't know how to play the game. Pokeman Battle Academy uses a board game to teach people how to play the card deck building game. You can just have fun with this table top game or use it as an entryway to playing the card game. Pokemon Battle Academy looks to be a fun way to spend a family game night!

Check out our YouTube unboxing video to see what else arrived in the Sweet Suite @ Home Swag box. Stay tuned for more updates as this dad blogger continues to provide updates on fun games and toys my kids, and this kid at heart, enjoy playing with.

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