Tuesday, August 4, 2020


peel discover space sticker book
If you are looking for an interesting way to keep kids amused when there is some summer down time that doesn't involve screen time, check out these two books from Workman Publishing → MEGA-MAZE ADVENTURE! and PEEL + DISCOVER SPACE. Whether spending time traveling in the car, stuck inside because it is raining or just spending some quiet time these books are sure to entertain kids. What kids aren't geeked about having fun with mazes and stickers?!

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This A-MAZE-ING book is not just full of mazes ... the book itself is a MAZE! Start your adventure through a portal on the front cover and the maze continues through every page making this THE WORLD'S LONGEST MAZE IN A BOOK! Each two page spread has its own theme including butterflies, caves, dragons, race cars and robots. There are 14 spreads in all that take you to the end of the world after you complete an astounding 607 feet of maze. That is four time the height of the Statue of Liberty!


Filled with vibrant bright swirling colored designs every page is its own adventure filled with hidden surprises and fun MEGA facts. Each themed spread also will have picture finding games mixed in with the pages. For example in Robot World you are tasked with finding 9 missing wrenches hidden among the maze needed to repair the robots. Discover A-MAZE-ING facts, games and illustrations as you find your way through this MEGA-MAZE ADVENTURE!


Learn about space exploration while having fun with hundreds of stickers that highlight astronauts, planets, rocket ships and lots of other out of this world things. There are six sheets of space stickers that compliment twenty pages of activity sheets full of history, science, and trivia about astronomy and space travel. Plus when you peel off each sticker, there is a cool fact about space underneath it!

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This book is meant to be customized with the stickers so that it personalized for every kid. Place the stickers around the book as well as draw, color, complete puzzles and write in notes throughout its activity pages. This book is both educational and entertaining making it a great way for kids to pass some time when complaining about being bored around the house or during a family road trip.

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