Tuesday, August 4, 2020


box of challenges
We've had a lot of fun over the last few years playing with some great toys created by WowWee like the MiPosaur, Minion MiP Turbo and Untamed Fingerlings. So we are excited that WowWee is jumping into expanding their product lineup to include games! Their first game is on store shelves now at Target and is based upon one of my wife's favorite television show → (IMPRACTICAL) JOKERS.

(IMPRACTICAL) JOKERS is a hidden-camera tv series, which also recently hit movie theaters as a feature film, where a comedy troup goes out in public and says weird and crazy things or engage in slapstick routines towards unsuspecting people. Troup members are assigned undercover challenges where they have to get somebody to accomplish a zany task. If a Joker is unsuccessful than they have to receive "punishment" which is participating in a goofy activity that really embarrasses them. As if you didn't think the challenges they lost weren't embarrassing enough!

Now you can transform your own dinner party or family gathering into an episode of (IMPRACTICAL JOKERS). Available now at Target stores is the (IMPRACTICAL) JOKERS GAME - BOX OF CHALLENGES. Meant for ages 17+ for 3-10 players it includes 400 game cards for party hosts to act out (IMPRACTICAL JOKERS) style improv comedy with friends and family. A great way to add some funny to the fun of a party!


So do you think you got what it takes to be one of the Jokers? Now’s your chance to put yourself to the test with the (IMPRACTICAL) JOKERS GAME - BOX OF CHALLENGES from WowWee. Try pulling off undercover challenges on friends the get everyone involved in this 3-phase game. Phase 1: Mess with unsuspecting friends and family. Phase 2: Match uncomfortable scenario cards with hysterical action cards. Phase 3: The Punishment.

WARNING: This game contains challenges of graphic stupidity for players to complete to embarrass each other at home. Do not attempt with strangers! Are you up to the challenge and prepared to accept punishment? If so pick up (IMPRACTICAL) JOKERS GAME - BOX OF CHALLENGES from WowWee exclusively at your local Target store or at target.com

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