Thursday, September 17, 2020


A special delivery arrived! My kids are getting some new pets as Froggy's Lair provided us with a free BioSphere and two African Dwarf Frogs to enjoy. No need to go to a pet store, Froggy's Lair sends this low maintenance aquarium and the amphibians that call it home overnight straight to your doorstep.

Watching these African Dwarf Frogs dart around their habit is really entertaining but studying the biosphere they live is also educational. The one gallon hex container that serves as the Froggy's Lair doesn't utilize a filter to clean the water inside. Instead it creates a biosphere that naturally provides the perfect environment for your frogs to live in. 

All you need to do is feed 2 pellets of food per frog 2 times per week and change the aquarium water every 3 months. It is simple as that! With proper care your African Dwarf Frogs can live to be five or more years old. If you are looking for a simple pet to care for, Froggy's Lair is just that. Plus its biosphere can make a nice report topic for science class, especially if you are homeschooling during the pandemic.

Froggy's Lair uses nature and a touch of science to create living conditions for your frogs that require very little effort to maintain. That is thanks to Froggy Lair's specially conditioned Living Sand that serves as the base for creating a biosphere. It acts as a natural biological filter converting excess food and the animal's waste into soluble nutrients to feed the aquarium's sturdy bamboo plant.

The plant in turn acts as a natural aerator providing essential oxygen to the habitat. The Living Sand also removes ammonia so that the water does not become dirty or toxic. Together the Living Sand and bamboo plant work in harmony to create a completely filter-free ecosystem. 

Because there are living creatures inside, once your Froggy's Lair package arrives you should be ready to open it and put everything together right away. Some assembly is required and you'll need to get your hands dirty. The biosphere is easy to put together though and takes about 15 minutes to set up.

First you add the Living Sand to the hex container. Open the included two bags of the bio-activated sand then pour it into the base of the aquarium. Gently tap it down with your hands evenly covering the base of the container.

Next add colored gravel pouring it on top of the sand. Then place the included decorative rocks on top of the colored gravel. Group the rocks together to provide a hiding area for the frogs.

Carefully add water into the hex container until it is 3 to 4 inches from the top. Use distilled water as the chlorine and chloride added to tap water is harmful to the frogs. Make sure the water is at room temperature before pouring it in for the health of the African Dwarf Frogs. It is recommended to put a coffee cup lid in the aquarium and pour the water into that to avoid the tank becoming cloudy.

Insert the bamboo plant into the aquarium by pushing it down and twisting its roots into the colored gravel and sand. Some roots may stick above the gravel or break off. This is ok that is normal and bamboo is a hardy plant. You may want to move your decorative rocks close to the base of the plant though to help hold it in place.

Add batteries to the LED lid light. This will illuminate your biosphere with three different choices of lighting. Pick from white, blue or white/blue to add some color to your Froggy's Lair. Slide the light into the lid of the container and just click the large control button to flip through the colors turning the lighting on and off.

Finally, it is time to add your frogs. Cut a slit in the plastic bag they are in. Then gently pour them in.

My kids are in love with their frogs! They each named one. My son called one Lando. The other one my daughter named Kermit.

Kermit is feeling right at home!

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