Thursday, October 8, 2020



Have a ten to twelve year old middle grade reader at home? If they'd enjoy a goofy sci-fi adventure, check out the new graphic novel from Iron Circus Comics, SOFTIES: STUFF THAT HAPPENS AFTER THE WORLD BLOWS UP, written and illustrated by Kyle Smeallie. This visual adventure has some adorable aliens take a cute little girl on a spin around the galaxy.

My daughter loves to mix in graphic novels in what she reads to help with her dyslexia. She dove right into this advance copy that Iron Circus sent our way and read it cover to cover tonight. I could hear her chuckling from the other room while she read it and from time to time she ran over to share with me some things that really delighted her. "These aliens aren't scary or gross ... they're cute and funny!" she exclaimed to me during one of these impromptu reviews. 


Here is the premise for SOFTIES. Our planet Earth blows up launching its sole survivor, a girl named Kay, out into the depths of space. She is discovered floating in space and rescued by interstellar trash haulers who look like they stepped right out of a Saturday morning cartoon show. Not scary, but sweet, hard-working alien Arizona and his well-read space pet Euclid. (Well, “alien,” as Arizona points out, is quite a subjective term.) take in Kay. Teaming up this trio embarks on some hilarious unpredictable adventures depicted through colorful vignettes in this Iron Circus Comics graphic novel.


A nice read for space loving ten to twelve year old kids in Middle School. Yes it is full of pictures but if the material gets kids reading and thinking I'll give it a Geek Daddy nod of approval. That it also provides some laughs is an extra bonus!

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