Friday, December 18, 2020


With winter temperatures dropping and COVID-19 cases rising here in Michigan it would be nice to be able to handle all my client's legal representation via utilizing video conferencing technology from my office. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case! A combination of judges requiring in-court appearances and clients demanding them had me masking up on a snowy Michigan day to do some criminal defense work at a local courthouse. Protecting the Constitution and ensuring peoples' legal rights is an essential service that doesn't go away during a public health emergency.

Working with a number of people who are members of high-risk populations for exposure to COVID, I want to don a mask that I can depend on to be safe and efficient to wear when out and about for the job. Places I may find myself visiting as part of my law practice include courts, police stations, jails, and hospitals among other places. When out and about I've been wearing an AirQUEEN Nano Fiber Mask.

These one time only wear masks are approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for use in surgery and other general medical settings and have been determined to be a N95 substantial equivalent product. AirQUEEN Nano Fiber Masks through independent testing have shown to effectively filter 95% of particulate aerosolis. This means that these masks provide a high level of protection from germs and bacteria that may be transmitted through the air. With COVID-19 being a respiratory disease I appreciate this certified level of protection when having to be in settings where I can't control the environment around me.

While made from paper-like material, the nanoscale fibers used in manufacturing AirQUEEN mask make them superior to cloth masks and elevate their level of protection to what is classified as a high grade medical mask. Manufactured by Korean company, TOPTEC Co. Ltd, these masks are being produced and marketed for both health care workers and the general public. So you won't be taking away a mask from essential workers as the company has told me there is enough stock available to supply first responders, hospital staffs, and any other consumer who would like to purchase them. Plus they have an assembly line dedicated to keeping these masks available in addition to their current inventory.

At 1 billionth of a meter thick, the Nano material in AirQUEEN masks is sterically arranged in a fishnet matrix for optimal filtration, durability and breathability for both safety and comfort. Benefits of this nano fiber material include (1) no-fog breathing, (2) a proven pathogen barrier, (3) a secure fit with a paper-light comfort. I've found wearing AirQUEEN masks more comfortable than cloth ones and have provided me with a better sense of peace of mind when having one on.

Each mask is individually wrapped for sterility. AirQueen nano fiber masks are available in 2-count ($7.50), 5-count ($15) and 10-count ($19.50) packages. All orders delivered within the continental United States are eligible for FREE shipping included with the purchase price and all orders placed before 3pm ET are shipped out the same day from a California warehouse.

As my own kids who are currently virtual learning from home are getting ready for a resumption of going back to their school building for classes in the new year, we have gotten some of the children variety of these nano fiber masks that are available. Not only do my wife and I like them having these because of the higher level of filtering protection that they provide over cloth masks, but also because my son doesn't have to worry about his glasses fogging up while wearing an AirBON Children's Nano Mask.

For more information about the these adult and children's nano fiber masks go to They've earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval!

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