Thursday, February 4, 2021


tale of tails

A visit to the library was always an exciting experience for me as a kid. I loved scouring the book shelves looking for a new adventure to immerse myself in. From Roald Dahl children's novels like James and the Giant Beach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to teen mysteries like Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators and The Hardy Boys, reading was the primary source of entertainment during my youth. I'm dating myself but this was a time before video games were common place, you had to go to a theater to watch a movie, there were really only four or five tv channels to watch, and the Internet hadn't even been imagined yet. So libraries were the place to go if you wanted to experience some amazing adventures!

Libraries hold a special place in my heart. They are also in a tough spot as digital resources have people going to computers, mobile devices and televisions for their media instead of pulling books from the physical shelves at a library. Yet in my opinion there is still value to libraries in my opinion because they provide a sense of place and community that you can't get sitting around your own home or looking at a mobile device when traveling about. 

My kids love going to the library for the experiences they've had ... summer programs where they've earned rewards and participated in themed parties, reading to therapy dogs to build up their literacy skills, singing along to kindie rock performances, participating in a LEGO building camp are just a few examples of the fun times my son and daughter have had. 

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Their library experiences are different than mine but yet just like me I am sure when they are adults both of them will have wonderful childhood memories of visiting this special place. That is why while it seems that libraries are archaic it is not time to give up on them yet. 

They aren't places just filled with book shelves anymore, libraries are multi-dimensional resources that get us out of sheltering at home and engaging in educational and entertaining experiences. We are in a time when librarians aren't shooshing people but rather encouraging interactions and discussions. With all the divisiveness in society right now the sense of community a library provides may never have been in greater need.

With that in mind, I was geeked to learn that one of my favorite kindie rock artists, Sean McCollough, has created an anthem in support of libraries. His new single "Tales of Tails" is a salute to libraries and an encouragement of reading. If you love libraries like my family does check out this music video and pass it on!

Sean McCollough has made a career of making music for kids and their grown-ups. He provides sophisticated musical tones that are also sensible and relatable tunes for young audiences making his songs appreciable for the whole family. Sean tosses in educational insights that compliment the entertaining vibe of his family-friendly performances making him a stand out kindie rock artist that both parents and children can appreciate. That is why he has a Geek Daddy nod of approval. You can learn more about and experience his music at

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