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digital nomad

Have you heard of digital nomads? These are people who utilize technology to work remotely so as to be location independent. So instead of being tied to a desk in an office building a digital nomad may be working from a beach-side cabana, while traveling around the United States in an RV or maybe even from hotels in foreign countries while exploring the world. They utilize the connectivity of the Internet and today's communications and computing technology to lead a nomadic lifestyle.

Digital nomading may be great before you have kids or even with preschoolers. Once your kids hit school age, however, there’s a lot of reasons why it’s useful to have a home base. Even so, there’s still a lot modern dads can learn from digital nomads. Here are a few of the key lessons. 

Keep on top of time with technology 

You may think that your kids are too young to have smartphones and apps. There is, however, nothing to stop you from creating and managing accounts for them. For example, if you use an Android smartphone yourself, then you could create Gmail accounts for your kids. Then you can put anything related to them in their own calendar, which you can see. 

The advantage of this approach is that changes to a kid’s calendar will be seen immediately by everyone who has access to it. This avoids the problem of you updating your own calendar but forgetting to tell anyone else who needs to know. 

Digital nomads always have knowledge of how to get WiFi connection. They always know the best internet for rural areas and urban areas. This helps them to stay connected in whichever parts of the world they choose to be. Try to get the highest quality internet you can as it will prevent frustration, and help productivity.

digital nomading tips

Separate your contact details from your location 

You’re probably already doing this to some extent with cell phones and email. Now, however, could be a great time to up your game. For example, ditching your regular landline for a VoIP number can do a lot more than just lower your phone bills. It can give you access to the kinds of call-management features which used to be exclusive to business. 

What’s more, you can have extra numbers without extra lines. This could be very handy if you wanted to work/side-hustle/run a business from home. In fact, if you are or thinking about side-hustling/running a business from home, then you probably want to up your game even further. Using low cost virtual address services allows you to give people a mailing address without potentially compromising your home address. 

Make sure that you have a portable workspace 

Full-time travel with kids is, realistically, not a practical option for the average family. Part-time travel with kids, however, can lead to some of the best experiences a family can have. Your ability to work “away from base” can make a significant difference to your ability to get out and about with your kids. After all, even if you’re just heading out on a short road trip, you might find it very helpful to keep on top of work. 

digital nomading

The better your portable workspace, the more options you can have. That means it really can be worth thinking about what you, personally, need to be productive on the move for different lengths of time. When considering this, remember to think about accessories such as cases, cables, cards and, of course, power. 

For example, a tablet on its own might keep you going when you’re waiting to pick up your kids from some activity. If, however, you’re going “off base” for a day, then you need to start thinking about extra power. If you want to do any serious work, then you might find it very helpful to have an external keyboard and mouse. In fact, you may even find that you really need to upgrade to a laptop.

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