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If you're a serious comics fan, you know and love DC's superhero comics series. From 2004's The New Frontier to 1986's The Dark Night Returns, DC artists are famous for delivering great stories and artwork that fans devour. If it's been a while since you started a new series, get ready for Geiger, which is created by experienced DC artists. Here are the answers to your top questions about the comic.

Who Is Behind It?

Geiger is the brainchild of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Johns, who is famous for characters such as Stargirl and Amazing-Man, is the series' writer, handling the story and dialogue. Frank, who is known for illustrating Batman: Earth One and Midnight Nation, is the artist. The pair have collaborated in the past, but this is the first Image Comics series they have made with an original universe. They're also joined by Brad Anderson, a colorist who has worked on Action ComicsBatman Allies: Secret Files & Origins, and DC Universe: Legacies, among many other series from DC Comics.

What Is the Plot? 

When the first issue of Geiger opens, Earth has undergone a devastating nuclear war that destroyed the natural environment. While this war did not kill everyone, those who survived must be willing to fight every day to stay alive. With no sense of order or law, the Organ People and Nightcrawlers engage in a rugged and violent quest for survival. However, no matter how violent these outlaws are, no one can match the danger and power of Geiger, who lives alone. Referred to colloquially and fearfully as Joe Glow, Geiger initially appears to be a monster, but his mysterious past holds many secrets.

What Is the Atmosphere?

Johns, Frank, and Anderson are famous for their work on superhero stories, but Geiger has a much darker tone than their earlier pieces. Thanks to its setting after a nuclear apocalypse, the series is distinctly dystopian. Characters such as the Casino Warlords, Dr. Molotov, and the King of Las Vegas are completely new, so all readers are in the dark about the series' origins and future. 

Who Is the Publisher?

Image Comics publishes Geiger, and it sells the series through its website and at a variety of comics stores. The company is owned by comic creators who encourage artists and authors to retain ownership of their work. Seven illustrators worked together to found the company in 1992:

  • Erik Larsen
  • Marc Silvestri
  • Jim Lee
  • Todd McFarlane
  • Jim Valentino
  • Rob Liefeld
  • Whilce Portacio

With impressive credits such as Spider-ManX-Men, and Wolverine, these artists created a highly successful publishing company. It's currently the third biggest publisher of graphic novels and comics in the United States.

What Is the Release Schedule?

New issues of Geiger come out monthly, with the first two issues debuting on April 7, 2021, and May 12, 2021, respectively. There are six issues in the series, which should finish in September 2021.

If you're interested in a comic by top superhero content creators, check out the first few issues of Geiger and get caught up in the dystopian story and gripping artwork. 

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