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Over the past year, it has been quite difficult to go outside. Why? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. The coronavirus pandemic took a lot away from us. As a result, many were cooped up in their house for almost half a year. Some even longer while the world watched as thousands upon thousands of people, unfortunately, get really sick or die due to contracting COVID-19. This is not to say that the virus is over and done with, but people have gradually started to go back outside and have some fun with one another. Whether that is going to the beach, playing sports, or gathering together to grab a bite to eat, people have been chomping at the bit to get back out there and assimilate back into society. 

One of the most pressing issues that has come with COVID-19 is the effect that it will have on children. Being a parent can be extremely tough, but adding in a pandemic? Talk about a challenge. 

Most parents were not ready for their children to not be going to school. They had to prepare for what was somewhat unthinkable; their kids would be doing virtual learning at home. This required some parents to get babysitters or nannies while they worked to put food on the table. 

However hard that issue was/is, another problem that impacted kids was that they could no longer interact with their friends and other children. For growing brains like elementary and middle schoolers, seeing and interacting with people on a daily basis is essential in teaching basic social skills. 

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Thankfully many schools have come back, but there is still time to be made up regarding the development of your kids. Now, this isn’t a piece trying to teach you how to raise your kids, but after a year of sitting inside playing video games and watching TV, it is important for kids to get out and do outside activities. 

Seriously, even before the pandemic, video games were on the rise. For example, according to Healthline, the, “. . .average daily video game play among kids ages 8 to 18 rose from 26 minutes per day in 1999 to almost 110 minutes (nearly two hours) per day by 2009.” 

And yes, video games are fun. There is a reason they have become so popular. At the same time, they are not the end all be all. Kids should not be stuck in front of a screen all day instead of outside playing around the neighborhood. 

But what activities could get kids out of the house and into the yard? Below is a list of five outdoor activities that will get your kid excited to hop off the couch and go outside: 


Soccer is the most popular sport around the world. Kids everywhere play soccer; one of the reasons that is the case is the fact that you really only need a ball to start playing. Regulation sized goals would be great to have, but not everyone has access to them. Instead, all you really need is to just toss down a pair of shoes and make your own little space for a goal. 

Additionally, soccer is great because you can play with however many people you want. If your child has one friend, they can just dribble around, play one versus one, or come up with their very own new game. On the flip side, if your kid comes home with nine other preteens, a five-on-five match is a big consideration. 

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Still, before your child gets to playing soccer, you should remind them how dangerous heading the ball can be. If your kid were to smack the ball with their ear trying to head the ball in a given direction, you may have to go out and find a local audiologist

Wiffle Ball 

 Another classic, Wiffle ball, is a fantastic way to get your kids out of the house. Wiffle ball is essentially baseball on the go and can be a really awesome time. Whether that is through a home run derby or playing a nine-inning game, wiffle ball is a great way to be outdoors and have fun while doing it. And, just like soccer, all you really need is two things: a ball and bat (that are almost always purchased together). 
Bike Riding 

This may be another obvious activity option, but bike riding is another fun activity for kids. They get to race, go adventure around town, go off ramps, whatever. That may sound a little dangerous to you, and if that is the case, make sure your loved one is fit up with a good helmet. 

It is also worth mentioning that biking is not the only thing to scoot (pun intended) around town in. Scooters, skateboards, RipStiks, and longboards are all options. Whatever gets your kid to open the door and get outside. 

Capture The Flag 

A personal favorite, capture the flag is just straight up awesome. Team versus team fighting to be the first to get the opponent’s flag on their side. There is a lot of running, a lot of strategy, and a ton of fun. Now, the rules may differ based on the location of the game, but regardless of that, it is hard not to have a fun time playing capture the flag. That is unless one were to get caught in enemy jail for the entirety of the game. 


No, not the food. This is the game pickle. Never heard of it? Well, you can find the rules here. But all in all, pickle is a fun way for your child to develop some of those communication and cooperation skills that were previously talked about. Deciding whether or not to run is a risky business decision, but that is what makes it such a good time and a great way to get your kids back out into the neighborhood to prevent them from watching eight hours of TV.

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