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It is enough hassle running a small business, so you don't need to make things more complicated by utilizing long and winding ways of completing tasks. If you rely on the old methods of managing your small business, you’re likely to slow down productivity and lose control of your workers. In addition to that, you risk security breaches both digitally and in real world situations. This is where innovative technology comes into the picture if you are a digital nomad

 Out of the approximately six million small businesses in the United States, only 36% acknowledge that innovative technology forms a core of their business. Is your own business lagging behind?  What are some examples of smart technology that entrepreneurs should be taking advantage of? Take a look at this list of technologies below that are changing the face of small businesses.

1. Sling Time Clock

According to news reports, employee tardiness is a significant nuisance for small businesses. How long have you worried over your employees’ efficiency? While a larger company can absorb the impact of occasional delays and late arrivals, it’s very different for a small business. Imagine the following scenario for a better understanding of this point.

Jasmine is the only cashier for a small retail store. However, she constantly reports late for work, making it difficult for the company to run smoothly. Because she is the only person responsible for this role, the store is shut down until she shows up. This reduces profitability plus can add to labor costs if additional employees are added so the business isn't dependent on Jasmine. Fortunately, employees like Jasmine can be straightened up. As a solution, you can use the Sling time clock technology to track employee hours and export timesheets for later review.

2. Frontpoint Security System

Initially designed for homes, the Frontpoint security system has become a favorite of small businesses. Over the past few years, security system inventors have made a conscious effort to factor in the small businesses around the country. What makes it even better is that, as a user, you can connect it to several devices in addition to your base package. The base package includes smoke or heat sensor, two-door or window and motion sensors, and two sensors for water leaks.

All these can be controlled wirelessly on a customized control panel. Many small business owners who use this intelligent technology admit to the ease of use, mainly because the Frontpoint security system can be monitored on any smart device.

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3. Smart Locks

It seems the traditional lock and key system is giving way to more contemporary options. Burglars have over the years mastered the art of breaking standard locks to steal. According to a survey spanning three years (2017 to 2020), smart lock inventors revealed that several small business operators are investing more in this technology. With keyless locks, the user has absolute control over admittance to the shop or business place.

Although you have the liberty to grant access codes to your employees, you still reserve the sole right to revoke their access at any time. Depending on the brand you go for, you can monitor who goes in and out of your business. Remember that the cost associated with burglary is nothing compared to investing in a keyless magnetic swipe lock system.

4. Smart Lighting

You don't need anybody to educate you on the importance of energy conservation when you run a small business. Even bigger companies are constantly looking for efficient ways to cut back on wasteful energy consumption. Research says office or business lighting takes a chunk of monthly energy bills. Therefore, if you find yourself in the category of small business owners who get incredibly high lighting bills, do yourself a favor and think again. Indeed, reducing energy consumption for your business is not all in your hands. Do not forget that your employees must understand the mission too.

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Energy-efficient lighting is the answer to a number of these high electricity billing issues. With this option, you have direct control over lighting in your small business establishment. The exciting part is you get to control office lighting no matter where you are. Some smart light inventions are built with occupancy sensors. This means, the moment your employees leave a room, the lights will automatically go off to help you save on energy. With this technology, you will begin to see the vast benefits after months of usage. Without a doubt, this technology is worth your initial investment.

Other smart technologies you can explore for your small business are smart payments, inventory, and stock control, among many others. The objective here is to simplify work, run it smartly and make technology the core of your business.

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