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Gundam Infinity Series Toys

Fans of the GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE video game available for Apple and Android devices will appreciate the newest robotic warrior toys that are now available from Bandai America. The Gundam Infinity Series lets fans of the game hold in their hands 4.5-inch toys that replicate their favorite mechs from the video game as well as the anime and manga stories that inspired it. There are five to choose from and collecting all of them will allow you to build a sixth figure that is not otherwise available.

The Gundam Infinity Series includes Barbatos, Astray Red Frame, Gundam Artemis, RX-78-2 and Wing Gundam.  Each figure in the collection has interchangeable Arms/Legs/Torso/Head that can be mixed and matched across all the figures for a multitude of customization options. Plus each comes with a variety of accessories ranging from laser blasters to swords. Plus collect all five to construct the classic MS-06F Zaku Mobile Suit.


Bandai America

The Gundam Barbatos is one of 72 ""Gundam"" frames that was produced and used in the Calamity War. It is powered by two Ahab reactors which give it exceptional maneuverability and speed. This mech was originally introduced in the Iron-Blooded Orphans anime series. The toy includes mace and sword weapons for Barbatos as well as weapons to utilize when constructing the MS-06F Zaku Mobile Suit.


Astray Red Frame

The MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame is a Mobile Suit from the Gundam SEED series of manga, novel and photonovel. The MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame is one of five identical prototype mobile suits developed by Orb using stolen data from the Earth Alliance's G Project.  The toy includes a  Gerbera Straight Katana, Type 71 Beam Rifle, and Shield as well as the build a figure body/torso accessory for the MS-06F Zaku Mobile Suit.

Gundam Action Figures


A high performance Mobile Suit based on the GX-9900 Gundam X and ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam. Although its performance and maneuverability is high, it is difficult to control for novice pilots. This mobile suit was introduced in the Gundam Breaker Mobile video game. The toy comes with a Satellite Cannon with accompanying power panel system  as well as the build a figure head accessory for the MS-06F Zaku Mobile Suit.

Gundam Artemis


The RX-78-2 is the primary robot warrior featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam television series. It is the most iconic of Mobile Suits would turn the tide in favor of the Earth Federation during the One Year War against the Principality of Zeon. The toy includes a Beam Saber, XBR-M-79-07G Beam Rifle, and RX*M-Sh-008/S 01025 Shield as well as the build a figure arm accessories for the MS-06F Zaku Mobile Suit.

Gundam Mobile Suit


Wing Gundam

The XXXG-01W Wing Gundam (aka Gundam Zero-One) is the titular mech of the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing series. The toy comes with a Buster Rifle, Beam Saber, and Gundamium Alloy Shield along with the build a figure leg accessories for the MS-06F Zaku Mobile Suit.

Wing Gundam

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