Friday, October 22, 2021


Spin Master League of Legends figures

Gamers are sure to appreciate the newest collection of action figures now available from Spin Master → LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. My daughter is GEEKED about these toys based upon the popular video game! She was really excited to get the League of Legends Dual Cities Pack that contains five 4-inch collectible figures that is available from Amazon and Target.

The League of Legends Dual Cities Pack includes figures of  the following Champions from the game: Heimerdinger, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, and an exclusive Jinx figure. Each of these high quality figures has 12 points of articulation for play value and poising plus each has a Summoner's Rift base that it can be displayed upon. Plus each figure is sculpted and painted to look like you pulled out a character off the screen while playing the video game and are holding the Champion in your hand. My League of Legends playing daughter was very impressed.

Spin Master Toys

There are a number of game inspired accessories included along with the action figures in the League of Legends Dual Cities Pack as well. A Hextech Rifle for Caitlyn, Bat for Ekko, Fishbones and Pow-Pow for Jinx, and 2 Wrenches and 1 Turret for Professor Heimerdinger. This toy pack is great for engaging in imaginative play but also nice for players who may just want to showoff their fandom by displaying these League of Legends collectibles.

League of Legends Dual Cities Pack

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