Saturday, January 8, 2022


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Living through Midwest winters you'd think I'd be great at tying a scarf; but that is something that I've always been horrible at. So, I was geeked to discover Fawler Fonz tube scarves! You just slip a Fawler Fonz tube scarf over your head and adjust it to be good to go! No flipping and fidgeting of scarf ends when it comes to wrapping up your head and neck on a frigid winter day with a Fawler Fonz tube scarf from Trendhim Accessories.


Trendhim Accessories is an award-winning men’s accessories brand established in 2007 by co-founders Sebastian Petersen and Mikkel Andersen in Horsens, Denmark. The company's focus is inspiring men to express themselves by offering a diverse range of fashionable and affordable lifestyle accessories. Trendhim has a diverse product portfolio with products ranging from suit accessories and jewelry to bags and wallets. They sell 13 house brands only available through Trendhim, and products are shipped to a total of 28 countries around the world. Despite sent from overseas to the United States, shipping for a Fawler Fonz Reversible Infinity Tube Scarf only costs $6 in addition to the purchase price and if you spent $75 on an order delivery is FREE. 


The ideal scarf for the busy gentleman. Simply slip this scarf over your head, and you’re ready for whatever the cold weather throws your way. Designed in a deep green and reversible to a dark-grey. Crafted from moisture-wicking, breathable cotton, and lightweight acrylic.

winter suit gear

I appreciate that with this reversible scarf it is nice to casually wear the green side with my snow jacket while shoveling snow then can flip it over to the grey side for it to go nicely with my suit overcoat worn to work. And if you really want to be stylish you can wear it so both colors are showing at the same time. Plus, the Danish design of the Fawler Fonz reversible infinity tube scarf provides you with some stylish flair. 


For making me look good while keeping me warm in the frigid air of a Michigan winter, the Fawler Fonz Reversible Green & Grey Infinity Tube Scarf has earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval. Quality products, dependable shipping and excellent customer service makes my go to source for men's lifestyle accessories

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