Monday, November 1, 2021


Trendhim provided with the featured product for free to review


The weather is starting to get cold. Time to start bundling up. Wow the temperatures went from warm to frigid really quick. I guess though it is November now though after all.

I went to grab some gloves on my way out the door the other day to find out our dog had chewed holes in the finger tips. Doah! Time to get get replacements but that is easier said than done because I have some small sized hands. Thank goodness for!

I wanted some gloves that were both functional and stylish. While scrolling through the Trendhim website the Harper Dark Brown Sheep Leather Gloves caught my eye from the online retailer. Trendim specializes in clothing and grooming accessories for men. I've found them to have some great products at affordable prices. Belts, hats, neckties, razors, watches, wallets and more! Trendhim focuses on the accessories that make your wardrobe stand out in a crowd and assist with being more comfortable to wear. Like these Harper leather gloves!


These gloves look incredible with an outer covering made from 100% sheep leather. They are also very warm and comfortable with an inner fleece lining. Plus they are very functional in today's tech reliant society as the fingers are touch screen capable. I don't have to take off the gloves to use my phone! Yeah!

The Harper Dark Brown Sheep Leather Gloves I received from Trendhim are perfect for my looking for something to wear to work. They look sharp making me feel like I have a sophisticated look when having them on. They also get the job done keeping my hands cozy warm when out and about when it is cold outside. While they look nice to wear when dressing up for work, I appreciate they also are casual enough to wear for less formal occasions as well. 

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Plus these gloves fit perfectly which is amazing because I am often stuck with buying ones that are too big for my hands because that is all that is available at local brick and mortar stores. I'm so pleased that has a variety of sizes from big to small so there is something for you no matter what your size is. Delivery is lickety-split too with my order arriving within just a few days of my ordering it. I was very impressed with the speed of delivery.

Trendhim has earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval because of the extraordinary experience I've had with them. From finding just what I was looking for in size and style to quick and convenient delivery, exceeded my expectations. I'm really geeked about this experience. Check them out for yourself!  


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