Sunday, October 31, 2021


 Meat District provided with free samples of their products to review

Meat District

Halloween fell on a Sunday this year. So that meant in addition to trick or treating for the kids today there was Sunday afternoon football on tv! Time to watch the hometown team play some football on the gridiron.

Of course when watching a football game on tv you need some snacks to enjoy. I cooked up some Wings courtesy of Meat District. Here in Michigan you can find their premium meats at your local Meijer. Their products that include party wings, burgers, corned beef, tri-tip and more are available across the United States so you don't need to live near me to enjoy these meats. Just go to their website to locate a retail location near you to Eat Meat District. 

Eat Meat District

I baked up some pre-seasoned party wings for my football snacks. On the menu today were Sweet & Sassy and Lemon Herb party wings. These were so good I'm absolutely going to have to go out and pick up their other two flavors to try out which are Beer Brined and Zesty Ranch.

Hey they’re not called party wings for nothing. Super tender & bursting with flavor, these all white meat chicken wings are tasty. They’re meaty, they’re juicy, they’re fantastic finger food snacking on but filling enough for a meal too. Lemon Herb is like the baked chicken my wife makes for dinner but on a stick (well bone actually) instead of a plate which is great because you don't have to worry about cleaning dishes when eating these party wings.

Meat District

Sweet & Sassy is covered in barbecue sauce that has both a little bit of heat and a little bit of sweet. You definitely be licking your fingers so not as to miss any of this sweet and sassy flavor when eating these wings. Both the Lemon Herb and Sweet & Sassy Meat District Party Wings were DELICIOUS! Meat District Chicken Party Wings earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval for being a fantastic Halloween treat!

Unfortunately, my team was massacred during their Halloween football game with the other team flying away with the victory. Still I enjoyed the game time despite what was happening on the football field thanks to the Meat District Chicken Party Wings that were my game day snacks. I have no problem roaring Eat Meat District! I'm absolutely going to have to grill up some Meat District burgers for the next game because I'm geeked to try out some more of their meats after my positive experience with the party wings.

Meat District Review

For more information about this brand, visit Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! No trick Meat District products are a real treat! 

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