Friday, January 21, 2022


nachos for dinner

The football playoffs are here! For the next few weekends, I'm going to be hunkering down on the couch watching all the games while snacking with a plate full of nachos and cold bottle of beer in my hands. Why settle though with just plain tortilla chips and melted cheese though when you can get a bit more extravagant? NACHOS FOR DINNER by Dan Whalen, the culinary mad-genius creator of The Food in My Beard recipe blog, is a book from Workman Publishing that provides the five secrets for cooking up nacho success as well as more than 75 recipes from crafting up dishes ranging from unique appetizers to sheet pan meals to delicious deserts.

Detroiters love their Coney Island restaurants! Whalen has a recipe utilizing Coney Island style chili that I'm geeked to try out. Oh wow! I'm absolutely going to have to try out his Lobster Nachos recipe too! Pretzel Bratchos will go great with a bottle of Hofbrau while watching the big game on television. Apple pie nachos! It is like this chef read my mind for ideas while authoring this book!

coney island nachos

From tips to making your own home-made cheese sauce and guac to step-by-step directions for cooking up a variety of interesting nacho style meals this book absolutely earns a Geek Daddy nod of approval. NACHOS FOR DINNER is 152 pages of cooking tips that will make you the champ of the kitchen when it comes to preparing snacks, meals and desserts for family and friends.

nacho recipes

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