Monday, January 31, 2022


geek daddy

What paths untraveled would you like to explore during your days on this Earth? There are so many adventures that I dream of going on. From going on a trek through the African savanna to hiking through Europe to visit castles, I have wanderlust to do some globetrotting. This month I've shared on Instagram and Twitter bucket list destinations that would be a dream vacay for me and will be continuing to post travel themed social media posts throughout the remainder of the year.

These vacations aren't about luxury and pampering, but rather creating experiences that provide life-long memories and let me step away from the daily stresses of life to casually experience exotic destinations. That could be as simple as wandering around a historic farmer's market in Croatia to taking a motorcycle ride through the palm groves of Morocco to riding a Zebra in Nevada. What is on your travel bucket list?

geek daddy

Throughout the remainder of the year this travel geek will be sharing tips on transforming vacation bucket lists from dreams to realities. Follow @Geekdad248 on Instagram and Twitter for these travel bucket list tips. I'm geeked to be sharing them with you!


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