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Thank you Warner Bros Home Entertainment for providing ageekdaddy.com with a free 4K Ultra HD disc of the DC Animated Movie CATWOMAN: HUNTED

catwoman hunted

Warner Bros Animation really doesn't get enough credit for the excellent DC Comics stories that they transform into the movies. That may because these flicks are cartoons instead of live action movies or are release straight to home video instead of playing in theaters; but I have to say their DC Animated Movies are great and I have become a big fan enjoying them more than some of the big blockbuster superhero films that I've seen. 

So, I was geeked to be provided with the newest DC Animated Movie a few days before its official February 8 retail release. Everyone’s favorite felonious feline takes action, adventure and theft to new heights – and in an entrancing anime style – in Catwoman: Hunted which will be available to view via 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital. Rated PG-13 for violence, bloody images, and suggestive material while being an animated film it is aimed for teen and adult viewers rather than being family movie night appropriate to watch with young kiddos. Superhero movies aren't just for kids and especially when it comes to the DC Animated Movies it is important to check the MPAA rating if you are a parent looking for something to watch with children. 

In this all-new, original animated movie, Catwoman: Hunted, Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) attempts to steal a priceless jewel which puts her squarely in the crosshairs of both a powerful consortium of villains and the ever-resourceful Interpol, not to mention Batwoman. That might just be enough to contain the infamous cat burglar. Or maybe not!

catwoman hunted

When adding Catwoman: Hunted to your home entertainment video library in addition to the feature presentation the following bonus content is also included: 

When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted (New Featurette) – When does the hunter become the hunted? In this case it’s when Selina Kyle steals the “Cat’s Eye” emerald and Batwoman informs her, “Congratulations, Selina, you just became Leviathan’s No. 1 target.” Those targeting Catwoman include wave after wave of assassins, ninjas, and Super-Villains – from Tobias Whale, Black Mask, Cheshire and Nosferata to Solomon Grundy, Talia al Ghul and Cheetah. In this all-new featurette, our experts break down the backstory of each integral villain. 

Catwoman: The Feline Femme Fatale – Watch the documentary on Catwoman's history.

Catwoman: Hunted kicks off an impressive slate of DC-centric animated films coming in 2022 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Following Catwoman: Hunted, the 2022 releases include two new entries to the popular DC Universe movies and DC Animated Movies canons – Green Lantern: Beware My Power and Battle of the Super Sons. The year will also see the presentation of DC Showcase - Constantine: House of Mystery, the latest compilation of animated shorts anchored by a story involving the Hellblazer himself; and the highly anticipated 4K Ultra HD release of Batman: The Long Halloween - Deluxe Edition, which ramps up the R-rated action across both halves of the acclaimed film, now melded together as one dynamic thriller. There will be a lot of super action when it comes to DC Animated Movies this year!

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