Thursday, March 24, 2022


Gibson TV

The 1980s were a time of heavy metal bands and horror movies; so this '80s kid was geeked to discover a new online video series on Gibson TV, the YouTube channel for the iconic guitar brand, that focuses on this this music and these films. "Metal and Monsters" is hosted by Matt “Count D” Montgomery -- bassist for the King Freak himself, musician, and filmmaker Rob Zombie. During each of the show's 60-minute episodes, Count D will delve into stories about how music and movies have been tied together by supernatural themes. You can view "Metal and Monsters" for FREE at or on YouTube.

In the first episode of “Metal and Monsters,” Count D journeys to Elm Street as he reunites Robert Englund, aka Freddy Krueger, and Don Dokken of the heavy metal band Dokken to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the film A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Dokken wrote the song "Dream Warriors" for the movie which was released as a single from the film as well as appeared on Dokken’s album Back for the Attack. This debut episode of "Metal and Monsters" will show never before seen photos from the “Dream Warriors” video shoot which features Freddy Krueger as well as clips from the film, plus Robert and Don discuss musical influences in their lives and tell behind-the-scenes tales of their Nightmare on Elm Street experiences.

Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Warriors

Other content showcases Motörhead, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth action figures from Super7, provides a look back at the making of a Metallica ground-breaking album, and explores the 35-year history of the band Carcass. Interact with the show by sending it some Fang Mail commenting on episodes or suggesting future guests and topics will enter you into a giveaway for Metallica and Super7 merchandise. Send in your messages old school '80s style by mailing through the post office a letter to: 

Fang Mail and Contest 
Metal And Monsters 
P.O. Box 70191 
Pasadena, CA, 91117


What would you want to see in upcoming "Metal and Monsters" episodes? I'd like to see a segment with Ozzy Osbourne recounting his vampiric bat incident and other memorable concert moments on tour. How about a trick or treat movie reunion with Ozzy, Gene Simmons and some of the remaining members of Fastway? I hope this Gibson TV series rocks on for awhile! 

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