Thursday, April 28, 2022


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As a parent, you’re going to find that you always want the absolute best for your little ones. You want them to get into the best schools to have the best education and open doors for them in the future. You’re going to want them to have the best diet to keep them healthy and maximize their energy levels and wellbeing. You’re going to want them to be as happy as possible at all times. This is all good and well. There are so many steps you can take to ensure your little ones are happy as possible. 

One area that parents tend to lose focus on, however, tends to be the one that kids most look forward to and that create the most lasting bonds and memories. This is their free time around school - their evenings, weekends and breaks. Here are just a few ways that you can positively fill this time for them! 

Nature Walks 

Nature walks are completely free, but will also give your kids plenty of space to run about and play. You can show them the different trees, plants and wildlife, making the venture and educational one too. Check the weather forecast and make sure your kids have coats for colder weather, wellies for wet days and sun screen for hotter days. 

Metal Detecting 

There are certain activities that appeal to a child’s imagination and metal detecting is one of them. Kids dream of digging up lost treasures. Sure, you may only find a few coins or pieces of metal on your own adventures, but this won’t take away from the excitement when your little one does find something. All you need is the best metal detector and a location where you and your kids can safely roam in search of fortunes. 

Museums and Galleries 

Of course, a kid isn’t going to want to spend ages looking at abstract art - that is, unless they have a specific interest in this niche area. But many museums and art galleries are child-friendly and do have special areas, exhibitions and activities solely aimed at children. Take a look at options in your local area and check their agenda to see what’s coming up. There could be something fun for your kids to enjoy. 

Family Days Out 

There are also plenty of sites that are marketed as family days out. Amusement parks, science centers, historic sites and more. There are so many family fun days out that you could visit with your kids. You could keep them close to home or you could travel. Of course, these activities are the ones that can quickly get pretty costly, but you can keep spending down where necessary by looking out for voucher codes, offers, discounts and by taking picnics or packed lunches with you. These are just a few different activities you can add to yoru schedule to keep your little one occupied. 

Hopefully, a few will appeal to you and will put a smile on your children’s faces. Each is simple to implement and can be made affordable with some clever cost saving measures or savings.

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